Mongol Bow
Weapon Info
Kanji モンゴル ボウ
Romaji Mongol Bou
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Type Bow

​Mongol Bow is a weapon owned and used by Tristan is Sword Art Online as his principal weapon, alongside his scimitar, Sicari.



Arrows used by the bow:Exposive Arrow, Long Shot Arrow and Normal Arrow

It is a simple brown wooden bow. It shoots three classes of arrows:
  • Normal Arrows
    • Long Shoot Arrows( longer distance, mid damage)
    • Explosive arrows (highest damage, lowest distance)


It was found between floor 5th and 26th. 


It is used as Tristan's principal weapon, aside his scimitar. Tristan is a marcher of archery, but he does not wish to change the bow, thought there are better ones.


​Mongol Bow

Long Bow

  • Range: Medium-Long-Very Long
  • Type: Shooting
  • Attack:
    • 350 (Normal Arrow)
    • 300 (Long shoot Arrow)
    • 500 (Explosive Arrow)
  • Durability: 80
  • Weight: 80

Estimated Dimensions

  • Bow length: 1,5 mts

Known Users


  • The arrows are based on the crossbow arrows of Battlefield 3 online.
  • The name of the real bow of Tristan, was Fail-Not. Ironically, Tristan almost never missed a shot.

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