A Fool's Journey
Quest Info
Name A Fool's Journey
Kanji フールの旅
Romanji Fūru no tabi
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location 15th Floor
Objective To bust the NPC, Maharrant, out of his prison in the haunted castle
Reward Orenmir
Status Completed

«A Fool's Journey» is an extremely hard quest that required a large number of players attempting simultaneously to complete it.  The leader of this group would receive the super rare weapon from this quest. 

The quest is refered to in the story Right Back At It Again.


The player can initiate the quest by talking to an NPC on the 34th floor.


The quest takes place in a supposedly haunted castle on the 15th floor.  This castle is not a part of the field dungeon.


The player must find and break out the NPC, Manharrant, out of his prison in the center of the castle.  In addition, the player must also make sure no harm comes to the NPC or the quest will fail.


  • Orenmir.


A huge questing group of 50 players came together to complete the quest.  Deciding against having leaders to keep from one player having the super rare weapon that would be awarded to the leader of the group, instead of fighting over who would get the weapon, the group managed to successfully complete the difficult mission.  Through reasons that aren't exactly clear, Jinx was awarded the rare weapon despite not being a leader.

Known Attempts

  • Jinx
  • 49 other players

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