This weapon, Akasha, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

Akasha is a weapon of unknown power and ability, that is the combined form of Skeith and Corbenik. It was created by Yamato

Code Zero - Akasha
Item Info
Name Akasha
Kanji アカシャ
Epithet Code Zero

The Origin

VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Item Type Unknown
Status Destroyed


Akasha is a weapon that was only created after Skeith and Corbenik were combined for the first time by Yamato when he defeated Majora. It is unknown how he accomplished this, but it is known that he himself was unable to wield the weapon he created because he was never compatible with Skeith, so he was forced to release it back into Aincrad.


It is known that only a player that is compatible with both Skeith and Corbenik is able to use weild Akasha at all. Ishi is possibly the only player in Sword Art Online that has this special requirement. This ability is not required to create Akasha, only to use it.

A trait of Akasha on Ishi is that it changes both his eyes from their regular yellow to a shining silver, with the same visible color trail as present on Skeith and Corbenik. This is permanent as long as Akasha is owned.


Unlike Skeith and Corbenik which make up the weapon, Akasha itself has a smaller power over the world than either. In fact, it has almost no influence over the world in comparison to Skeith and Corbenik. Being the combined form of two complete opposites, the power of either is diminished drastically. The true ability of Akasha is only reflected within the wielder, instead of an influence around the wielder.

Unlike Skeith, which brings out the darkest attribute of a person, or Corbenik, which brings out the brightest, Akasha brings forth the purest aspect of a person's humanity; that which the person believes in more than anything, and that which makes the user most human, and grants the user their full potential, increasing their combat capability to their maximum limits, but only to the extent they could reach, and not beyond that limit, possibly giving wildly different effects depending on the wielder.

Unlike Skeith or Corbenik, Akasha does not possess the Data Drain ability.



Ishi is the only person in SAO who is able to wield both Skeith and Corbenik, and is in effect the only one who can wield Akasha as well. With Akasha, Ishi's eyes are permanently silver as long as he holds the weapon, and with his full potential unlocked, his combat ability is hightened to its limits. Akasha granted Ishi Blade Master's Promise, and made him nigh unbeatable in combat as a True Blade Master.

The thing that Ishi believes in most is freedom, even at the cost of total chaos.

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