The Angels are a race in End War Online.


The Angels were created by The Four Lords to reside on Eden alongside Demons to preserve balance in the universe. The Angels lived with Demons in peace for a time, but the two sides soon began to oppose each other, and attempted to wipe each other out. Knowing that the powers of the Angels and Demons would destroy each other and wipe out Eden along with them, they consulted both The Creator and The Destroyer, who created Heaven for Angels, and Hell for Demons, respectively. Angels then served The Creator as its subjects while Eden was instead populated by Humans to preserve balance. The Angels' ultimate goal is to eradicate both Humans and Demons to begin a new age of Angels in The End War.


Angels generally exhibit an extremely high affinity for Soulcraft, higher than all other races with the exception of the Nephilim. They specialize in using Light-based Soulcraft as well as those powers associated with Light. As the opposite equals of Demons, they are very effective against Demons, but also have an equal disadvantage, with battles between two equal opponents usually being won by skill alone.

Known Angels

Gabriel Christen

Raphael Christen

Archon Daniel

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