The Aozaki Organization is a private contract-based agency operating within the Human faction of End War Online.


The Aozaki Organization is a special private contracting agency that specializes in eliminating paranormal and abnormal activities on Eden, such as ghosts, ritualistic cultists, and other such things. It was founded by Mitsuru Aozaki, and consists of three members.

The Aozaki Organization is funded primarily by Nights Finance, along with smaller funds from the government.


  • Mitsuru Aozaki - The founder and manager of the Aozaki Organization, Mitsuru manages all contracts and the upkeep of the organizaion.
  • Fuuka Shinozaki - In charge of the paperwork of the Aozaki Organization, as well as running the errands.
  • Jack Callahan - Main frontline agent. In charge of completing contracts given to the Aozaki Organization by eliminating paranormal threats across Eden.

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