Aqua Annihilator
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Weapon Info
Kanji アクアアナイアレイター
Romaji 'akua anaiareitā'
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Type Two handed Long Sword
Obtained/Made By Player Made by Akume

Before the the Water Rune was equipped, the Aqua Annihilator was named the Elegant Destroyer.


Before Water Rune

The Elegent Destroyer was more or less a normal long sword, with the only difference being the three pointed edges at the tip of the blade. The blade is a generic silver shade.

After Water Rune

The Aqua Annihilator is a light-blue sword & is a very powerful sword. It has a brown handle & a navy blue hand guard. The blade is light-blue & the tip of the blade stretches out to 3 points.


The Aqua Annihilator is a Player Made Two-Handed Longsword made by Akume.


Aqua Annihilator

Long Sword / Two Hands

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Slash
  • Attack: 600-615
  • Durability: 1390
  • Weight: 140
  • Requires: 58
  • Equip: +45
  • Agility: +60
  • Strength: +30
  • Defense: +40

Estimated Dimensions

  • Handle Length: 13cm
  • Blade Length: 99cm

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