This weapon, Armature, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

The Type 9 HF-123 Ignition Blade, named Armature, is Yamato Haseo's melee weapon of choice in End War Online
Item Info
Name Armature
Kanji 電機子
Romaji Denki-ko
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type High-Frequency Blade


Armature takes the appearance of a straight double edged longsword. What gives the blade it's supreme cutting power is the high frequency oscillations of the blade through use of high frequency electric pulses through the blade to give it the power to cut straight through most materials. Unlike most high frequency blades, however, Armature is also equipped with a plasma coated edge that gives it much more power than normal when activated. Armature also featureas a powerful self-propulsion system installed into the handle, allowing it to give Yamato more power in his strikes, and allowing him to perform high-speed maneuvers with the compact but powerful engines. Using this system, Yamato is able to propel himself as well, giving him bursts of speed or allowing him to dash up into the air.

Limiter System

Armature is equipped with a special limiter system that inhibits most of the blade's power in combat, often called the Exceed System. The blade's power can be amplified by the small rotating engine in the handle, giving the blade its electric charge. Higher levels of power can cause damage to the blade and wielder, and is extremely difficult to control.

Limiter Level 3

Armature's normal setting. Limiter Level 3 is set to 100% power setting, giving the blade its normal cutting power and speed, as well as its normal booster capabilities. Also referred to as Exceed 0.

Limiter Level 2

Limiter Level 2 is set to 250% power setting, increasing the blade's cutting power and speed, as well as booster capability. The plasma edge of the blade is engaged in this mode. Also referred to as Exceed 1.

Limiter Level 1

Limiter Level 1 is set to 500% power setting, drastically increasing the blade's performance to dangerous levels. At this level, the blade is deadly to nearly every single type of enemy, being able to cut through any known substance of End War Online effortlessly, and gaining super sonic cutting capabilities. Damage to the blade and wielder is likely. Also referred to as Exceed 2.

Limiter Level 0

Untested and highly experimental. Blade limiters are completely removed, giving it 1000% power levels which can be continuously increased beyond. Blade is completely coated in bright blue energy and vibrates so violently that it can destroy the user's hand. Combat capabilities are unknown. Blade is highly likely to break or shatter, or outright dissolve with the energy the plasma around it produces. Damage to wielder is unavoidable. Also referred to as Exceed 3.


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