This superweapon, Aurora, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

Technical Information
Function Orbital Laser Strikes
Range Worldwide
Energy Solar
Historical Information
Construction December, 2045
Operator Illin, Avalon-1
Deployment None

Aurora is a superweapon created by the Human Faction of End War Online.


Aurora is a large satellite laser defense network currently in orbit around Eden. It comprises of twelve individual laser platforms that are capable of instantly firing a beam of energy down on a target anywhere in the world. Each satellite is individually operated and is powered by solar energy, which is also compressed and fired when the laser is activated. Each Aurora satellite is capable of striking targets with extreme precision and minimal collateral damage, unlike its counterpart Solaris. Each Aurora satellite is numbered, from Aurora-01 to Aurora-12.

The entire Aurora Network is operated from Avalon-1, and can be additionally operated from Avalon-2 should Avalon-1 be destroyed or otherwise rendered inoperable.

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