Bahamut was the Boss of the Dragon Hunt quest. The mighty dragon await hs challengers, somewhere in the 54th floor mountains, and will roast them all before taking his breakfast out of them.

Skyrim dragon
Boss Info
Name Bahamut
Epithet The Mighty Dragon
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Floor 54 Mountains
Quest Dragon Hunt
Weapon Claws, fangs and Breaths
Weakness Neck
Item Drop Mighty Dragon Scale
Status Defeated


A Giant Dragon, with scales so hard to pierce. His dinstinguishing features was his eyes that changed color depending on the breath he would use, and the sharp tip of his tail he swang at player and was devastating.


Boss of the Special Dragon Hunt Quest


Sword Art Online


  • Good defence
  • Deadly tail swing
  • Red Eyes Fire Breath, Blue Eyes Ice Breath, Yellow Eyes Lighting Breath

Items Drop

Mighty Dragon Scale, used to forge a Dragon Armor Set .

Known Challengers

Samantha Hart





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