Item Info
Name Beelze
Kanji ベルゼ
Romaji beruze
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Cutlass
Status Adquired

Beelze is Elizabeth Valerious principal weapon in End War Online.


Beelze is a silver and long cutlass. It has a slightly curved blade sharpened on the edge, and a hilt often featuring basket-shaped guard. On the blade, it has several red magical runes, which resemble rubies.

This weapon resembles the Warglaives in many ways. It's designed to be often infused with Darkness, and once empowered the blades will burn with shadowy fire. The player can also use Anima or Soulcraft to make this weapon even more powerful at the time of battle.

Known Users


  • Beelze is named after Beelzebub, is another name for Satan, and directly translates as "Lord of the Flies."

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