The Black Steel Zanbato was forged by the blacksmith of glory, Basstos, and bought by Naomi Tamura. Not many black steel weapons or armors can be found in the game, in fact you could almost count them on your fingers. There is also not many players who knows where to find that special ore, or has a level high enough to refine it, but Basstos has both.

Black Steel Zanbato
Item Info
Name Black Steel Zanbato
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location None
Quest None
Dropped By None
Item Type Sword
Sub-type Zanbato
Status Owned



Sword Art Online


Black Steel Zanbato

Sword / Zanbato

Type: Slashing

Attack: 1400 - 1700

Durability: 1500

Weight: 370

Requires: 60

Equip: +25

Strength: +50

Agility: -25

Estmated Dimensions

Handle: 48 cm

Blade: 170 cm



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