WARNING! Constains Spoilers

Boss Info
Kanji ボエヲルト
Romaji Boeoruto
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Status Defeated

Boewolt is a sub-boss, and one of Cerdic's right hand men. He is one of the secondary antagonists in Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes.


Boewolt has a long black beard, and red eyes, with a black and brown helmet. Most of his body is covered with skins and also wears a green outfit. Slung across his chest he wears a belt where he carries a large claymore. Ine his waist he has two belts


Boewolt is an overconfident sub-boss, that underestimates the opponents he faces upon fiend of battle. His power-hungry attitude puts him in conflict with Cynric, and there is a constant strugle between them to see who is the highest leader of the army, besides Cerdic.


  • HP:
  • Main Equimpent:
    • Two axes
    • Claymore
One-handed Axe One-handed Straight Sword Two-handed Straight Sword Battle Healing Parry
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
Leather Equipment
? / 1000


  • Numerous counts of players

Known Challengers

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