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The Gleam Eyes
Boss Info
Name The Gleam Eyes
Kanji ザ・グリーム・アイズ
Romanji Za Gurīmu Aizu
Epithet The Blue Eyed Demon
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Floor 74 Boss Room
Quest Grand Quest
Weapon Zanbato sword
Item Drop Unknown
Status Defeated

*Note: Introduction goes here. Include the Boss's name, location and quest name.


*Note: What does the Boss look like?


*Note: Detail the circumstances under which the Boss was discovered. Is it a Quest Boss, or maybe accidentally activated by a trap?


*Note: A history of player's interactions with the Boss. Like in most video games Bosses can be re-fought multiple times, however only the FIRST person who defeats it will get any Rare Drop Items, other players with most likely receive standard Monster Drops. In terms of 'SAO Floor Bosses', only one player need defeat it for the way to be cleared, but that does not mean that those Bosses cannot be fought again. Please keep this in mind.


*Note: What weapons and abilities does the Boss have?

Item Drops

*Note: A list of items the Boss might drop if defeated. List from rarest to most common.

Known Challengers

*Note: A list of all players who have challenged the Boss in combat, whether successful or not.


*Note: A list of players the Boss has killed. This is only relevant for the first 2 years of SAO only, as players re-spawn in other VRMMOs.


*Note: If you can create or find several images of the Boss, add them here.


*Note: Fun facts about the Boss.

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==Item Drops==

==Known Challengers== 




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