Brave Shield
Equipment Info
Kanji ブレイブシールド
Romaji Bureibu Shīrudo
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Equipment Type Shield
Obtained/Made By Dagonet

Brave Shield is an unique shield owned and used by Galant.


It is a circular shield with golden edge. Most of the shield is silver, with a golden sun, and at it's center, four red triangles, one in the middle, and the rest on the sides of it. The oposite side is totally golden with black belts to grab the shield. It has a place where Galant can also sheath Balmung Blade.


It was forged by Dagonet.


Brave Shield


  • Defense: 500
  • Durability: 600
  • Weight: 120

Estimated Dimensions

  • Diameter Length: 50cm

Known Users


  • The shield is based on Gallantmon's shield, Aegis.

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