Bulls-Eye Pillager
Quest Info
Name Bulls-Eye Pillager
Kanji 土台石の襲撃
Romanji Dodaīshi no Shūgeki
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Location ALfhiem
Objective Defeat the projectile-using event boss
Boss Lunastra Fatalis
Status Completed

«Bulls-Eye Pillager» is an event quest due to the new patch allowing players to use ranged weapons. This quest does not give the location of the event boss, therefore making players search all over ALfhiem Online.  The quest specifically states that the boss will not be found anywhere in New Aincrad.

The quest appears in the story Right Back At It Again.


The player can initiate the quest by talking to a the NPC next to the ranged weapon trainer in Alne that appeared after the patch.


The quest takes place all over ALfhiem, with the boss moving throughout the map.  Aiken and JInx fight it a little ways outside of the town of Alne.


The player must find and defeat the event boss, Lunastra Fatalis.  It is assumed that players are only supposed to use projectile weapons, but melee weapons are allowed without a system error.


  • Yul (5 million)
  • A specialized arrowhead design


An unknown salamander swordswoman attempts to take the beast on and ends up dying.  Aiken and Jinx attempted to take on this incredibly hard boss by themselves in Chapter 4, A Long Shot.

Known Attempts

  • Aiken
  • Jinx
  • Unknown Salamander Swordswoman

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