Cait Sith Honor Guard's Claws
Item Info
Name Cait Sith Honor Guard's Claws
Kanji 猫妖精族 儀仗兵 爪
Romaji Kettoshī gijō-hei tsume
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Location Cait Sith Capital City
Quest None
Dropped By Cait Sith Honor Guard (Player)
Item Type Hand Blade
Sub-type Claws
Status Acquired

The Cait SIth Honor Guard's Claws are the main weapon of Lady Alicia Rue's Honor Guard.  The Honor Guard is often the only Cait Sith that use this weapon due to the difficulty of wielding it.  It is made by renegade Leprechaun master blacksmiths and is only made for the Honor Guard.


The Cait Sith Honor Guard is made of an alloy between Steel and Zircon, the ore native to the Cait SIth's territory.  It is made up of four blades lined along side of each other and wielded to a gauntlet.  Despite this design, players can still equip armor to their hands, which results in the armor covering up the gauntlet section of the weapon and showing the blades. 


As soon as she was elected to the position of Lord, Alicia requested to have armor and weapons to be made for a Honor Guard for her.  In fact, Lady Alicia was the first one to start the tradition of Lords having a Honor Guard.  After finding some renegade Leprechauns, she had them design unique armor and weapons for her Honor Guards.  The Leprechauns decided on claws for the potential guards, playing on the Cait Sith's simularity to cats.  After defeating a group of four members of Lady Alicia's Honor Guard in a friendly competition, the Lord gave Kitty a pair of the powerful weapons. 


Alfheim Online

The Cait Sith Honor Guard's Claws are the main weapons of the Honor Guard for Lady Alicia.



Claws / Hand Blades

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Slash
  • Attack: 400-410
  • Durability: 1350
  • Weight: 50
  • Requires: 1
  • Acrobatics +50
  • Attack Speed +40
  • Evasion +48
  • Armor

Estimated Dimensions

  • Glove Length: 17cm
  • Blade Length: 17cm

Known Users

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