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Sword in the Stone
Item Info
Name Caliburn
Kanji カリバーン
Epithet Sword in the Stone, Sword of Selection, Holy Royal Sword
VRMMORPG «Animus Online»
Location Tomb of the King (Embedded in a stone)
Quest «The Secrets of the Tomb»
Item Type Two-Handed Broadsword
Sub-type Holy Sword
Conceptual Construct
Unique Skill «Light of Creation»
Status Active

Caliburn (カリバーン, Karibān) is a Two-handed broadsword in «Animus Online», and a Conceptual Construct. It's one of the strongest blades in AO, only surpassed by Excalibur and Clarent.


The sword takes a appearance a broadsword, with a blue handle and thick golden hand guard with with engravings on the hand guard. And just above the hand guard, is an cross-like symbol, with a blue pattern that goes along the blade to the top, under the tip.


According to mythology, Caliburn once belonged to King Arthur, a mythical king from Camelot. Arthur at a young age, pulled the stone from the stone, and became King of Camelot.

The sword was used aganst the Saxons during the war, and was supposdely destroyed by Mordred.


Sword in the Stone Arc

Other Appearance

Sword Art Online

Cakiburn is the name for Solomon's in-game longsword. It was made from a metal that is highly durable.


  • Caliburn is one of the most powerful swords, however, it's also one of the heaviest blades in the entire game.
  • Based on Caliburn that was pulled by King Arthur in the Sword in the Stone legend.