Weapon Info
Kanji カルンウエナン
Romaji Karunuenan
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
New ALfhein Online
Weapon Type One-handed Dagger
Obtained/Made By Made by Antinomy

If you are searching for the character, enter here Guren

Carnwennan is a unique dagger owned and used by Galant. It was created by Antinomy. It is also named Guren.


It is a long dagger made of both Hellkarium and Varyrian Steel. It has a silver handle and golden pommel and cross-guard. The blade is colored crimson blood, with a dark grey edge. Thanks to the combination of metals, the weapon darkens or lightens it's color in cordination to the actions and personality of the user. It serves as reminder of Galant of the path he has taken.


It was crafted by Antinomy for Galant. It's made of both Valyrian and Hellkarium.



Long Dagger / One Hand

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Slash
  • Attack: 600-610
  • Durability: 1350
  • Weight: 100

Estimated Dimensions

  • Handle Length: 40cm
  • Blade Length: 10cm

Known Users


  • Carnwennan was the name of King Arthurs dagger.
    • It is sometimes attributed with the magical power to shroud its user in shadow.
    • Carnwennan means white hilt.
  • Guren means "Crimson Lotus" in japanesse.
  • Contrary to other pitch black Hellkarium weapons, Carnwennan is colored in crimson red.

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