This superweapon, Cassius, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

Technical Information
Function Asteroid Defense/Orbital Strike
Range Worldwide
Energy Particle Accelerator/Solar
Historical Information
Construction June, 2046
Operator Althern, Avalon-4
Deployment None

Cassius is a superweapon created by the Human Faction of End War Online.


Cassius is a massive spacecraft designed for both asteroid defense as well as high-altitude and orbital strikes. To supplement, Cassius carries armaments for defensive purposes as well, should an assault be launched on it, consisting of a network of fast firing laser defenses meant to take down any aggressors quickly. Its main defense, however, is its high altitude, being far beyond the reach of most enemies.

Cassius is normally in orbit around Eden, but can also occasionally be found on the ground at Avalon-4, also known as the Caesar Facility, near the city of Lornellia in Althern.


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