The content of this page is not canon to the SAO Fanon timeline.

New Ceadas
Personal Info
Name Juan Jimenez
Kanji ワーン・ヒメネズ
Romanji Juan Jimenez
Birthday August 2nd, 2007
Age 14 (Beginning of SAO)16 (End of SAO)
Gender Male
Height 172 cm
Weight 57.2 kg
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Place of Residence changing Location
Occupation Student
Marital Status In a relationship
Family Unknown (Father)
Unknown (Mother)
Unknown (Sister)
Takemia Kotone (Girlfriend)
Player Profile
Display Name Ceadas
Kanji セダズ
Romanji Sedazu
Epithet The Psycho Fencer
Kirito's Clone
Kirito's dark version
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Ordinal Scale
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation Game Squad (SAO)
Solo Player (SAO, former)
Infinity Front (former)
Partner Takemia Kotone
Base of Operations changing location
Status deceased/ reborn as AI
Primary Skill Fencing
Unique Skill Lucis-Warping
Unique Weapon Disintegrator
First Appearance Sword Art Online - The Villain Among the Heroes

Juan Jimenez, known as Ceadas in «Sword Art Online» (SAO), is the protagonist of the German fanfiction Sword Art Online - The Villain Among the Heroes.

Ceadas was chosen to be one of the one thousand beta testers for the closed beta of Sword Art Online, the first ever Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) for the NerveGear and later joined the official version of the game. He thus became one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in Sword Art Online, where he was a scared player in the game, unwillingly taking on a role of a Beater after Kirito became a Beater as well. He was actively taking part in Boss battles as one of the Clearers. Ceadas temporarily became a member of different guilds like Infinity Front. Later he was one of the founders of the guild Game Squad. At some point in the game, Ceadas became known as the «The Psycho Fencer» due to his tendency to have sadistic fun with killing his enemies by fencing. Ceadas found out that Heathcliff, the leader of the Knight of Blood, was Kayaba Akihiko. Ceadas used this information to plan a raid to kill Heathcliff. He apparently died and eventually put an end to the game by sharing the information about Heathcliff with Kirito.

Later many survivors heard some rumors that he could be reborn as an AI.


Ceadas' appearance is similar to Kirito. Both are almost identical, but Ceadas has brown hair and eyes. Because of his look, many people think that he's Kirito.

Ceadas described the appearance of his avatar as being not far from his real-life appearance. His biggest problem is that he looks like Kirito. The only difference between both is that Ceadas' hair and eyes are brown instead of black.

Ceadas' clothes later in the game consisted of black pants with a black belt that had a large silver buckle, a black shirt that was worn underneath a gray light-armor and a dark-blue cape.


Ceadas is extremely arrogant, both before and after his imprisonment in Sword Art Online. He is cynical, sarcastic, self-centered, anti-social, lacks empathy and seems to be taking great pleasure in insulting, belittling, pranking, scamming, trolling, and humiliating people for his own amusement. He's good at talking but says always something to provoke someone. He loves to be direct to people and enjoys hurting their feeling because of his sadistic personality. His sarcasm allows Ceadas to make jokes the whole time and even during a fight. He is rarely diplomatic, and that's the reason why the clearers try to have their Boss-meetings without him.

Nerd-stuff is an important part of his life. Ceadas is a big fan of Batman and many other comics, films and series. His big knowledge forces him to make references to them. SAO holds many easter eggs and Ceadas always recognizes them if it's a reference to one of his favorites. Thanks to his knowledge, he has found many quests and earned many secret skills or items based on different movies or series.

However, he's a person who is just misunderstood. His acting is a kind of cry for help. In the real world, he was punished, bullied and beaten just for existing. The SAO-incident was like a dream for him so that he could let out all his anger and hate on all the people he sees as a danger for him. The first person who saw it was Philia. She saw behind his mask and fell in love with him. After one year, he fell in love with Philia but didn't tell anyone about his love because he had once a girlfriend in Real-Life, but she broke up with him and he's still trying to forget her.


Born on August 2nd, 2008 as Mexican in Switzerland, he grew up in a city as the only Mexican in a school full of Swiss people. As the only foreigner, the other kids bullied him for that. This experience made that isolate himself from the world and escape to the fictional worlds of comics, movies, books, and series.


Sword Art Online Closed Beta

One of the lucky 1000 players accepted into the closed-beta, Ceadas logged hundreds of hours of playtime. He, along with the other top players, were able to reach the 10th Floor before the beta had ended.

Aincrad Arc (The Villain Among the Heroes)

Shortly after logging in to the fully released game, Ceadas met the female player Philia. He helped her to buy a weapon, which was overpowered for a beginner. After helping Philia find a weapon, they were forcefully teleported back to the Town of Beginnings to receive an announcement from Kayaba Akihiko. He revealed the lack of a logout function, which some players had recently realized, was a "feature" of his new game, and that forced removal of the NerveGear headpiece from the other side would fry the person's brain using microwaves.

The only means to escape was to clear the game, in other words, to successfully defeat all 100 floors of Aincrad and defeat the final boss. Ceadas immediately took Philia and went to the next town.

The first Boss

A month, since the game has started, Ceadas, Philia, and many other Players met up together to raid the boss of the first floor. During the first meeting, he met there three of his friends he knew from the real world. After having some arguments with them, Ceadas and Philia joined their group only for the raid. There was the first time Ceadas met Kirito.

The next day, after several hours of walking, the raid group finally reached the doors to the boss room. Ceadas motivation at this time was to kill the boss to receive the Last Attack bonus.

All went well until Illfang's last hit point (HP) bar reached its last third. Instead of a talwar, as he originally carried in the Beta, he now carried a nodachi. In this turn of events, Diavel was heavily wounded and subsequently died, after Ceadas realized that Diavel had been a beta tester as well. Kirito then reorganized the shocked players and, with Asuna, worked together to take down the boss. After an intense battle, one of the tanks in Ceadas' group made a mistake and triggered Illfang's Tsumujiguruma. When the same tank made a mistake, Ceadas was hit and nearly died but Kirito and Asuna managed to kill the boss. Ceadas was shocked when his Doppelgänger revived the LA-bonus.

A few players started to talk bad about Kirito and the other beta-players and so Kirito forced himself, and Ceadas without his knowledge, into the role of the villains as beaters.

Raiding the own friends

Reaching the 10th floor, Ceadas and Philia met other players Ceadas knew from the real world. They invited both to join their guild. At first, Ceadas didn't want to join them but Philia convinced him promising that the player Odin won't bully him for being Mexican. Ceadas killed Odin in a short duel and was banished from the guild but left Philia there because he thought that it would be better for her than being with him.

Reaching the dungeon of the 10th floor, Ceadas met there his old guild. They were close to starting a fight before the raid group entered to the boss room, but Ceadas' old friends from the 1st raid helped him and prevent something bad between Ceadas and the Infinity Front. Later, the whole raid group began to fight the boss Kagachi the Samurai Lord. During the fight, the boss eliminated most of the players or paralyzed them. Only Kirito, Asuna, and Ceadas were left and killed him alone.

A month after reaching the 11th floor, Ceadas finally joined the guild of his friend from real life. They found the guild Game Squad. In the same night, when everyone was sleeping, an Easter Egg to Assassin's Creed. Using the Easter Egg, he found Philia alone under a bridge crying. She told him that her guild died in a dungeon a few hours ago. He offered her to join him and the guild and promised her to protect her.

Christmas event

The second Christmas event in the game and over a year after the full release, Ceadas met the player Argo to get some information, one day after Kirito already killed the event boss. Ceadas didn't know it and went with his Guild to kill the event boss. There they fought another version of the boss and received a hat as reward. After defeating the boss, a big player group came to them to arrest one of Ceadas' friends in the name of someone called "the Don". Ceadas started a battle and killed most of the players alone. After it, they went back to a hotel were Ceadas accepted that he fell in love with Philia, but he never told it to someone.

Aincrad's idol

One night Ceadas went to the lower floors alone to farm a bit. There he met a girl who was tied up to bee killed by some of the monsters there. Ceadas killed them and rescued the girl. She presented herself as Yuna and asked him to help her to rescue her boyfriend from some bandit players. To rescue the player Nautilus, they had to collect a flower to revive in-game pets. They went together to a field dungeon to collect it. During their adventure, Ceadas discovered that Yuna's special skill is to sing. With this skill, she was able to heal other players or to calm monsters.

After a whole day, Ceadas and Yuna found on their way back home the bandit players with Nautilus and their leader. A player everyone knows as "the Don", Ceadas archenemy. Ceadas killed the bandits and rescued Nautilus. During his fight with the Don he showed Yuna and Nautilus the true identity of the Don. A human-like cat called M'aiq. The Don fleed. Ceadas explained Yuna and Nautilus who it was and went back to his friends.

Murder in a save area

Near the city of the 56th floor, Ceadas and the other clearers had a meeting to plan the next raid. After Asuna explained her plan, Ceadas started to criticize her plan. After a discussion with her and other players, he went out with his guild.

Hours later he was sleeping under a tree and forgot the time for the raid. After the boss fight, Philia went to him and found him under the tree affected by some strange mushroom items. He convinced her to lie down and to sleep a bit after the raid. He woke up before her and took his chance. He drew her some whiskers on her face. After Philia woke up and noticed it, she was up to attack him. She calmed down and went with him into a restaurant. After a few comments from Ceadas about the restaurant, they heard a horrified scream from outside, prompting them to rush to the source. In the town square, they found an armored player hanging by his neck from a noose from a church's second-floor window, with a sword into his chest, who seemingly died before anyone could help him. Kirito and Asuna, who were there too, were convinced that the player had been killed in a duel, Kirito, and Asuna quickly searched for a duel winner notice, but Ceadas activated a notice with the text: "Party-Time!". Angry about his action, Kirito, Asuna and Philia went into the tower to search for something which could help them to find out what happened.

After retrieving the sword and the rope from within the church, Ceadas, Philia, Kirito, and Asuna returned outside to the plaza, where they found that a young girl named Yolko was the first person to witness the incident. Questioning her, they learned that the victim, named Kainz, was one of her former guildmates who had had dinner with her just before his murder. Having escorted Yolko to the nearest inn, Kirito, Asuna and Philia started to argue with Ceadas for his rude form of asking Yolko for information.

Later Ceadas, Philia, Kirito, and Asuna went to Aigil's shop in Algade on the 50th Floor, where they had the shopkeeper examine the rope and sword with his Appraisal skill. The four players learned that the sword, named Guilty Thorn, had been crafted by Grimlock, a player unknown to Agil. Although apprehensive of locating someone willing to create a weapon designed for player killing.

On the next day, they went to the restaurant with Yolko. She told them about her guild and why everyone has left it. They learned that Yolko, Kainz and another player called Schmitt were the only ones in the guild against the idea to sell a rare item. Their leader and wife of Grimlock, Griselda, died in the same night she tried to sell it. Ceadas went to the front to bring Schmitt to them that he could help them to find out who the murder was. A hooded person killed Yolko by throwing a knife through a window to her and escaped after Kirito and Ceadas tried to catch him.

Ceadas explained later why Yolko and Kainz can't be dead but they ignored him. After Kirito and Asuna found Yolko, Kainz, and Schmitt by Griselda's grave, they have been attacked by Laughing Coffin. Ceadas reached there with help from the clearers to scare the assassins. He then explained how he discovered that the incident was a fake.

New Sword

Ceadas and Philia went back to Griselda's grave because he lost there a pet. They saw there Griselda's ghost. Ceadas and Philia were scared and he threw his sword into the ghost's chest. Kirito told him about a blacksmith to craft a new weapon. Ceadas went to Lisbeth and accidentally convinced her to join him and Philia to collect the materials for his new sword.

They went to a mountain and started in a village a quest to kill a dragon. The continued their journey until they reached the top of the mountain and fought the dragon. The monster threw them accidentally into his cave and they had to wait that the dragon came to escape. The passed the night there until the dragon returned. Ceadas showed them his new skill called "Lucis-Warping". They killed the dragon hundreds of meters over the mountain and survived by teleporting back to the village. Later Lisbeth crafted him his new unique sword, Disintegrator.

-to be continued-



Ceadas sees Kirito as his rival. Their first meeting was during their meeting for the first boss battle. Both look similar, that why other players confound them or think that they are twins. The only difference is that Ceadas hair and eyes are brown instead of black. However, Ceadas doesn't hate Kirito and helps him sometimes if he has some problems. Ceadas was the reason why Kirito and Asuna came together. He manipulated many situations and arranged meetings for them to force Kirito and Asuna to play together.


Both have a cold relationship. On many raid meetings, they started to argue the plan of each other. Besides, Ceadas saw that she has a crush on Kirito and he had one on her. So he forced them to share time together by manipulating situations.


Ceadas and Philia met each other on the first day of SAO. He helped her to buy her first weapon. After Kayaba's announcement, they team up and fought together. She was the first person ever who saw how broken Ceadas is. She saw behind his acting and his mask and started to have a crush on him. Later she fell in love with him but didn't tell him about her feeling for a long time. After the second Christmas event, Ceadas accepted that he fell in love on her but he didn't tell anyone about that. The month before the end of SAO, Ceadas, and Philia had a date and a did a quest on the next day. At the end of the quest, they met the Don and his followers. After defeating them, Philia kissed him. Later they were forced by the clearers to take a break on an island because a rebellion started on the 74th floor. The clearers were afraid that Ceadas could provocate the rebels and forced him to stay for two weeks on an island with Philia. Both escaped and made a deal with the Aincrad Liberation Front to kill Heathcliff, who was Kayaba after Ceadas discovered his true identity. Philia was on his side when Kayaba killed Ceadas, but Kayaba gave them a chance to say goodbye. After SAO, Philia saw in the real world an AI who look just like Ceadas.


Ceadas met Yuna the first time when she was in danger. Some red players attacked her and Nautilus. They forced her to bring them an item to revive pets. Ceadas helped her because the red players worked for his arch-enemy The Don. Since this adventure, they met many times. He always talked to her to get some advice in love or other interactions with humans. He sees her as a friend and a therapist. However, he didn't just visit her to talk with her, he went many other times to her concerts to hear Yuna singing. He discovered her death very late, two weeks before Kirito finished the game by killing Heathcliff, that was right before he died.


Ceadas was never a big fan of Heathcliff. He was not sure if Heathcliff was showing his real face. Ceadas was also the first one who discovered that Heathcliff was Kayaba Akihiko. Instead of telling it to everyone, Ceadas kept the secret and used it to convince the Aincrad Liberation Front to help him with a secret attack on Heathcliff.

The Don/ M'aiq

They are enemies for a long time. Ceadas likes normal cats but is sure that M'aiq is an evil cat with the intelligence of a human. Ceadas and M'aiq have met rarely but every time they fought until something happened that one had to flee. During a quest with Philia, which was based on Lord of the Rings, he was attacked by M'aiq and his people. On the top of the volcano Mount Doom, Ceadas was able to throw the Don into the lava and though that his arch enemy finally died. He was shocked later when he saw M'aiq as one of the leaders of the KoB. When Ceadas fought Heathcliff, M'aiq was the one who nearly killed Ceadas but Heathcliff at least the one who finished Ceadas' life.


  • Ceadas has an irrational fear of cooked fish.
  • He has a problem to distinguish heroes and villains in movies. For example, he believes that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the villain in Predator and the Predator the tragical hero. Another example, Ceadas thinks that Darth Vader is the hero and Luke Skywalker the villain.
  • In the first week of SAO, he made a necklace with the name of his ex-girlfriend, because she broke up with him a week before starting the game. After accepting his feeling for Philia, he threw it away.
  • His favorite animals are fennec foxes.
  • In real life, he had a chihuahua and named her after Yoda, Yodi.
  • Before accepting his feelings for Philia, he believed that love was a chemical error made by nature.
  • He speaks fluently German, English, Spanish, Japanese and a bit French.
  • His big idols are Julius Ceasar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Darth Vader and Grandadmiral Thrawn.
  • He owns one of the first Batman comics. Detective Comics Nr. 27
  • Before playing SAO, Ceadas started to write a novel about a world where the Roman Empire still exists.
  • He needs glasses. His right eye is farsighted and his left eye is shortsighted.
  • Ceadas was never very popular at school, however, his younger sister was much more popular than him. He said once, that she could become a celebrity.
  • He always wanted to study history and archaeology to become an archaeologist or a professor in a university.
  • His favorite game franchise is Halo.
  • He always corrected the teachers in his history classes.
  • Ceadas is Catholic and read the Bible in two different languages but he doesn't believe everything in it. He prefers science and facts instead of religious tellings.
  • He owns an X-Box, an X-Box 360, an X-Box One and a NerveGear.
  • To look different from Kirito, he once dyed his hair blond but changed it back because he looked like "the biggest fool in the history of the fools".
  • He hates humans and would erase humanity if he could, even if he would die.
  • He dislikes the Fast and Furious movies and calls Tokyo Drift "the worst movie I've ever seen".
  • Ceadas favorite movie is the anime Kimi no na Wa/ Your Name.
  • He's bad at remembering the names of others and justifies it by calling them "side characters".
  • Kirito said once, that Ceadas needs only a lab accident to become a supervillain.
  • Ceadas is afraid of being touched and more from being hugged. That's because it feels like someone would hold him so that someone else can punch him.
  • He was the first one using an acceleration (Similar to Accel World).
  • Ceadas once bought a Death Note and wrote over 40 names in it, hoping that they would die. After one died exactly like he wished, Ceadas started to believe that his Death Note could be real.
  • He played in SAO once a week chess with PoH.
  • Before dying, he recorded everything about Heathcliff's identity and sent it to Kirito.
  • He always wanted to use black clothing but didn't do it because of his similarity to Kirito.