Chaos Flare
Soulcraft Info
Kanji カオスフレア
Romaji Kaosu Furea
Level High
Race Demon/Hybrid/Nephilim
Attribute Dark

Chaos Flare is a high-level type Soulcraft just usable by Demons, Demon Hybyids or Nephilim


Chaos Flare is a spell that allows the player to send one or several destructive energy blasters. The number of blasts fired depends on the ammount of Anima used.

To perform this thecnique, the player must draw a Magic Circle (a five pointed star pointed down. After drawing the star, a circle apears sorrounding it) before himself. Afterwards the plater shots, from the tips of his index and mayor fingers strong energy canons made of violet hellfire.



  • This soulcraft spell is based on Beelzemon's strongest attack of the same name. It's named Corona Destroyer.

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