The punishment for incurring my wrath... You'll be taking it!
~ Z-ARC's declaration of vengeance

(われ)(げき)(りん)()(どう)した(こと)(ばつ)... ()(さま)()けてもらう!

Ware no gekirin wo kidou shita koto no batsu... Kisama ga ukete morau!

Chin Sen Kai
Personal Info
Kanji (ちん)(せん)(かい)
Romaji Chin Sen Kai
Birthday 10 August
Age 14 (Beginning)

16 (After SAO)

Gender Male
Height 175
Weight 75
Player Profile
Display Name Z-ARC
Kanji (Display) Z-ARC
Romaji (Display) ゼット・アーク
ALO Race Spriggan
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation Clearers
Base of Operations None
Status Alive

Chin Sen Kai is a character based on my real identity. His In-Game-Name is "Z-ARC", but he is usually called "Zarc" (ザーク Zāku), to simplify the pronunciation


I couldn't sense a strong killing intention from that bastard until just now... Did we push him too far?
~ PoH, describing Z-ARC with Johnny Black and ZaZa


Sakki made ano yarou kara tsuyoi satsui ga kanjirare-nakatta. Yatsu wo Oitsume-suginai ka?

Kai has a fluctative personality: Cold and serious at a time and bright and active on the other. In addition, Kai is vengeful and short-tempered, but noble.

However, when it comes to killing his enemy, he will not and never waver to the importance of the person he is going to kill. Not caring about the method, nor does he care about the consequences. In extreme adversity, he will destroy everything in his path.

Kai refers to himself in Japanese as "(われ)" (Ware), a rather uncommon personal pronoun used almost exclusively for literal purpose. While referring to the other, Kai either use "お(まえ)" (Omae), "(きみ)" (Kimi) or "あんた" (Anta), depending on who he is talking to.


Kai has a egg-shaped head with relatively short black hair, and black eyes.

Kai's attire consists of white plain white T-Shirt and black long pants, tied with a black belt. And a black shoes. During an important meetings, Kai adds a black necktie and Jacket to the outfit, easily turning the outfit into a suit.

In the game. His outfit remains almost the same, except that he included a silver breastplate and wears a black hooded cloak. He also armed his left hand with a Black Knuckle and holds his sword in a similar way to Kirito. He also is armed with a long, silver chain attached to the Black Knuckle. After he has earned the respect, and subsequently, the power of Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC. Zarc's appearances turned slightly darker. In disguise, he uses a halberd.


Kai was a hyper boy with Asperger Syndrome. In the middle school, he was humiliated by his "enemies" taking advantage of his mental syndrome. And since then, Kai harbors extreme hatred against them.

After Kai was trapped in SAO along with his 4 enemies, and learned the fact this game is the death game. He vowed and tried his best to overpower them and kill all of them. And from then, he tried his hardest for it.

Sword Art Online


Despite knowing how to use every kind of weapon in the game, Zarc cannot decide which weapon he should use for around a year, so he stick to an One-Handed Sword. Later Zarc participates in a field boss hunt, and managed to deal the Last Attack on it, which gives him an irregularly shaped sword named Roaring Slash. He later looted a chest in a dungeon, and acquired a knuckle named Black Knuckle. As he is the first player to have used all the weapon type available in the game. He is given the unique skill "Dual Weapon". Delighted, Zarc instantly tries it by equipping the 2 weapon, "Roaring Slash" in the right hand and "Black Knuckle" in the left hand. Zarc then goes to Lisbeth, and asked her to upgrade his weapons, which turns out to be a great success.

After the gears he acquired, still remembering his vow, Zarc starts the hunt. He tracks down the location of his target and eavesdropped on their goal of hunting in a dungeon. He then prepare himself for the hunt. As the guild heads out to the dungeon, Zarc tails them and occasionally cause some distractions, to which the guild pays a little attention to as they head inside the dungeon. As they are fighting the monster, the cloaked Zarc ambushed and ruthlessly attacked 3 of them with all his might, using spears in place of sword he usually use to cover his ID, while taking them up all at once. He managed to cut of their legs and arms, and in the midst of chaos, disarm them of their Crystals and potions. Before the remaining member would heal them, Zarc intercepts him and viciously attacked him.

With the monster unoccupied and the AI system deeming that the two enemies are not after it. The monster targets the 3 incapacitated member as it slowly killed all of them. Zarc, seeing this, smiled and tells JJ, one of the member and his ultimate target, that he will be leaving for now, giving thumb to the monster as he fled.

After seeing his cursor in Orange, Zarc knows by previous rumors and ruling in the game that "Orange Player are not allowed in Safe Zone", so he decided to spend time in Dungeon with his only group friend named "His equipment". Provided by «Dual Weapon», Zarc endlessly hunts as his weapons never breaks. As the Orange Cursor disapear, Zarc gets out of the dungeon and heads to the town. During his way back, Zarc spots a Quest "Supreme King's Dominance", and tried it, in which he succeeded and gained the power of «Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC».

Delighted at the power of the power of The Supreme King Dragon, Zarc instantly tries to summon him, only to know that he needs «The Awakening IV» or greater. After reading all the details of the Supreme King Dragon, Zarc knows exactly what he need to summon the Supreme King Dragon - Hatred and Anger, which he always hold.

Laughing Coffin

After obtaining the power of the Supreme King Dragon, he travels to the floors below to farm. But he accidentically ran into the doom: Laughing Coffin teams led by PoH himself. Z-ARC tells them that they should not go for it, but the normal members ignored Z-ARC's warning and got defeated in almost an instant he charges in. Kai then activates «The Awakening IV» so that he can activate «Supreme King Violent Spirit» and destroys multiple enemies at once. The battle continued as LC's leaders watches from distance, whilst the member are beaten so badly or killed easily with Zarc taking little damage in return. PoH then orders the surviving members to retreat, but PoH himself have a conversation with Z-ARC and ask if he would like to be one of them, to which ZARC declines.

Vengeance II

Sometimes after, Zarc attends in the 72nd floor boss fight. During the fight, Z-ARC spots JJ in one of the raiding members, so he switched his equipment to what he used to kill JJ's guild friends.

After the defeat of the monster, JJ spots Z-ARC's spear, and attacked Zarc in ambush. However, this is a trap Zarc has set beforehand by using his spear against the boss and fight it cloaked, and reveals himself afterward, trapping his opponent with the game mechanic. As his enemy is punished with an Orange Cursor, Zarc begins his counterattack before everyone. After a moment of one-sided attack, Zarc managed to trap JJ with his chain. Ready to take revenge, many player prepares to stop Zarc, so Zarc declares that the action is his revenge and will not tolerate any interference; He even adds that anyone interfering will be punished as he unleashed «The Awakening V», frightening many players.

As attacking an enemy whith an unknown extent of power is almost an equalivent of a suicide, many players tried to reason with Zarc to spare a fellow front line player. To which he refuse and reveals his humiliated past. Experiencing no more interruptions, Zarc walks up to the chained JJ, with the helpless man begging for his life. Zarc then replied that if his wish is refused, so is his enemy's. Zarc tells everyone to take a close looks as he executed his enemy, now an Orange Player, as everyone watches in fear.

After the quest of vengeance, Zarc decided to continue as a front line player, vowing to contribute his power and clear the game. With no one brave enough to bring "justice" to the mysterious power Zarc holds. Zarc is freed from SAO after the battle of 75th floor.

After SAO

Like all SAO Survivors, Kai woke up in a hospital's bed. He is in no different conditions than other survivors: frail and weal at the time. After a months of recovery, he is fully back to life. He also enrolls in the Survivor's School. Instead of seeing SAO as a pure nightmare, Kai also enjoys his time there, especially the time he extracted his revenge. He also regret the fact he hadn't used the Supreme King Dragon's full power. But anyway, Kai is enjoying his new life with new friends.

Kai, during his free time, usually pick a stick up and imitates his fight during his time as Z-ARC. With the ferocious training and battle he has been through, Kai quickly gained acess to the real use of Dual Weapon. However, he refused Kendo club's invitation, because he is a free fighter - He fight in the way he wants. Which contradicts Kendo's way of styled fight.

Despite the Dual Weapon he gained, he prefers to use Dual Wielding during a swordfight. His Dual Weapon ultitise the uses the Left arm to defend against an attack, and that will cause his arm to get cut off or broken. Despite "Dual Wielding", he is merely using two swords in chain with one another, one at a time unless he managed to concentrate for a fixed move.

AlfHeim Online

Rampage of the Supreme King Dragon

After the canon story's event of Fairy Dance Arc, Kai decided to start AlfHeim Online. Kai choose to play as Spriggan named "Z-ARC", the username he has used before. The reason is, he likes the color black, and the Illusion power Spriggan offer, which Kai deems necessary in his style. Like all SAO Survivor, his ALO avatar takes the appearance of his SAO avatar, with his skill following it. His HP and MP, is at normal value. «Dual Weapon» and his items has their data corrupted. Zarc says goodbye to his corrupted items as he deleted all of them. Zarc then tries to call for «Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC», whose data does not corrupt along with many other unique features, in which he succeeded.

Happy with the success, Zarc leaves the Spriggan hometown, and end up on the New Aincrad. As he reached the Iron Palace, his memory instantly returns as he start using the Supreme King's power to dominate the floor. Zarc also embark on the quest «Hidden Skills» which he accidentally trigger, and further strengthen his power.

As Zarc continues on rampaging on everything crossing his path and upsetting him: Players, Monster or Quests. He met a group of 4 players lead by a Salamander, who spotted Zarc wandering to their way. That Salamander stopped Zarc and tells him to make way, only for Zarc to refuse and ask for the Salamander's name, which the Salamander reveals himself as Gouki and Zarc introduces himself in return. Zarc then ask to leave, but Gouki prepare to fight, ignoring the member's warning. Zarc immediately begins his battle with Gouki, and managed to trap Gouki with «Inferno Laser»'s Single Target Mode since the beginning. Zarc told that the damage will intensifies as time pass, so be fast in defeating him. To which Gouki pays little attention to as he knows that he has a great mage team on his side. At the 30th second, Zarc repeat his warning, only for Gouki to told it was useless. Zarc, anticipating this, told Gouki that Inferno Laser's Target cannot be healed. Much to Gouki's shock as Kai offer a chance to surrender, in which Gouki accept, as he can't win even with more support and experience, and with the intensifying damage.

After the battle, Gouki, seeing a good chance, offered Zarc if he wants to join him or not, only for Zarc to refuse. Instead, Zarc wish to know everyone for an intense battle they have been in just now. To which a group introduce themselves: «Shay» the Imp Damage Dealer, Cynnic the Undine Healer and Zeria the Sylph Forerunner. Zarc then asks for their group's name, and guess that Gouki is the leader. To which they answered they haven't decided the name yet and affirmed that Gouki is their leader. Zarc then have a conversation about AlfHeim Online with them, and he found them interesting, so he recommend the quest Hidden Skill he has just passed. As he part way with them, they wish Zarc a good luck, to which Zarc responds.

After Z-ARC's encounter with Gouki, he forwards on his path and continue to rampage. He then quickly ascends to the topmost floor and run into a large group of player waiting to destroy the boss. Zarc, however, Zarc is not that patient and decided to go for the boss for himself, only for him to run into trouble with 49 players waiting there. However, such player were no match against the Supreme King Dragon as Zarc mercilessly destroys everyone in his way, one by one. After the event, those player starts to dub Zarc as "The Supreme King's Warrior" for his battle style of being an all rounder, provided by the Supreme King's power.

After an almost effortless destruction Zarc bestowed upon the players. Zarc, armed with the Supreme King Dragon's Power, Triggered «The Awakening V» and started against the boss with «Inferno Laser» he usually use. He also add in with «Poison Rain» to further speed up the defeat of the boss, which falls withinin 3 minutes after the Inferno Laser was casted. Feeling bored with this kind of ending, Zarc vowed to never use «Inferno Laser» against any boss ever gain, with either mode, regardless of the danger level.

Real World

Kai accidentically overheard a conversation of his fellow survivors about a game known as Endless Utopia Online, and after listening for a while, he deems it interesting, so he researched for it, only to find it only available to an extremely dedicated MMORPG Player, deemed by its producer. Kai then sets his goal that someday, he will be unleashing his power in the world of Endless Utopia Online.

After learning about the requirements of the University, he started studying. This cause Kai to became hallucinated by math, which then later became the Original Sword Skill «Trigonmetry».

Conquest against the Zeroth Knights

After his rampage starts to lessen, a new event, «Descent of the Destruction God», has been declared. As Zarc was not selected to become a Zeroth Knight, he is given a quest to battle against the nine Zeroth Knights, and defeat them.


The first Zeroth Knight, Cynnic, has met with Zarc before. After Zarc sought out Gouki and his guild, he learned that they have finally reached 7 members, and is just after farming. Zarc challenged Cynnic to a fight, knowing her Zeroth Knight status. this cause the other member to question Zarc's decision, so Zarc has to remind everyone of Gouki's defeat. This push the group into a battle against Zarc, 7 on 1, with Cynnci, who is Zarc's priority at the back for support. Still, after a prolonged battle, the guild were decimated by the Supreme KIng Dragon.

As Cynnic is being targeted, She activated her Zeroth Force, and bring everyone back to life, and a second round begin. Zarc, tired from The Awakening, decided to use it one last time at level VII and unleashed the Supreme King Rage and gained some boost to fight equally again. He then proceed to defeat all of them after using up his strength.


After recovering from his battle against Megiddo, Gouki and his guild. Zarc proceeded to the second knights, The Inferno Drachma. Zarc is surprised that Drachma is alone, just like him, and challenged the Zeroth Knight. After a moment, Zarc unleashed the Supreme King Dragon in hope to gain and enge and finally defeat his opponent, but is foiled as his opponent does the same: Drachma instantly defeats the Supreme King and Zarc, bring Zarc back weakened, destroyed some of Zarc's items and prohibit him from summoning the Supreme King again for some time. The Zeroth Knight then defeates Z-ARC after he fails to do anything, introduce himself as "Zeta" and leave.


You've refuse my request. Now it's my turn to refuse your. Are you ready to repent, Scum!?
~ Z-ARC, to JJ. Before killing him.


Kisama wa ware no neagi wo kyohi shita. Kondo wa ware no ban da. Zangi no youi wa dekite iru ka? Kuzu!

Even if I would have to go up against the world, I will continue to fight! Until no one is left to fight me!
~ Z-ARC's declaration of aggression


Tatoe sekai ga ware ni hamukaou to, Ware wa tatakai tsuzuku! Taishite hamukau mono ga nakunaru made!

Skill List

Z-ARC's Skill Slots
One-Handed Sword One-Handed Curved Blade Martial Arts Acrobatics Extended Weight Limit
500 / 1000
600 / 1000
800 / 1000
Battle Healing Parry Chain Dual Weapon Two-Handed Assault Spear
800 / 1000
800 / 1000

Notable Achievements



  • Holder of the Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC's power.
  • Dubbed as "The Supreme King's Warrior" (()(おう)(せん)(), Haou no Senshi) for battling with all the aspect of Mage, Attacker and Tank supported with the Supreme King Dragon's power.