Cornerium Ingot
Item Info
Name Cornerium Ingot
Kanji コナーリアム・インッゴト
Romaji Konāriamu Inggoto
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Cornerium Mines
Quest Raid on the Cornerstone
Dropped By Monument the Lord's Obelisk
Item Type Material
Sub-type Metal

«Cornerium Ingots» are a high-grade material that could be used in the forging of weapons or the crafting of armor. As of now, they can only be obtained in the Cornerium Mines after initating the «Raid on the Cornerstone» quest.

A rarer version of the Cornerium Ingot, the «Blessed Cornerium Ingots» are an enhanced version of the Cornerium Ingot.


Standard Cornerium

Cornerium Ingots are forging materials that look like rocks that are silver in color, and sparkle with a golden tint.

Blessed Cornerium

«Blessed Cornerium Ingots» are a rarer, more potent variant of Cornerium. They are silver, almost white in color, and are inscribed with blue runes.


When the «Raid on the Cornerstone» quest was discovered, the players found Cornerium to be a very valuable resource. However, due to the presence of Monument the Lord's Obelisk, harvesting the material solo was unrecommended, and few wished to distract the boss while an artisan player gathered from the Cornerium spawn points.

Cornerium is very tedious to mine, as it took Lisbeth about eight minutes to acquire three Cornerium Ingots.

Though unconfirmed before Kai's and Lisbeth's completion of the quest, there were rumors of an enhanced version of the metal.

When defeated, Monument drops an item, the «Blessed Cornerstone». If given to the miner who distributes the «Raid on the Cornerstone» quest, he will change it into a «Blessed Cornerium Ingot».

The «Blessed Cornerium Ingot» is the rumored enhanced Cornerium Ingot, and provides bonuses that make it rival weapons that the Crystalline Ingot would yield. However, one would need a very high-level in the respective forging skill to make a successful weapon.


Truth and Ideals

While Kai attacked Monument and drew its attention away from Lisbeth, the blacksmith went to gather from the Cornerium deposits.

After leaving the Cornerium Mines, Kai hands the «Blessed Cornerstone» item to the quest-initiating miner, who changes the boss drop into a «Blessed Cornerium Ingot». This ingot is later forged into the «Excelsis».


  • Cornerium is derived from cornerstone: the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, and the most important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, and thus determining the position of the entire structure.

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