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Emperor of Darkness
Personal Info
Real Name Cristian Lucilfer
Kanji クリスチャーン・ラシルファー
Romaji Kurisuchān rashirufā
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 1.85 mts
Weight 86 kg
Player Profile
Display Name Cristian Lucilfer
Kanji (Display) クリスチャーン・ラシルファー
Romaji (Display) Kurisuchān rashirufā
Epithet Emperor of Darkness
VR Played Endless Utopia Online
Occupation Emperor of Darkness
Affiliation Fiends
Status Alive
Appears In Endless Utopia Online: By Moonlight

Cristian Lucilfer is a Fiend player in Endless Utopia Online and the current Emperor of Darkness.


Cristian is a tall young man, with tanned skin, messy black hair and grey eyes. In the middle of his forehead, he bears a violet tattoo of the fiend's eye, the symbol of his EUO race.

His crown is pitch black with nine points, with purple and violet gemstones. Cristian only wears it when he sits on his throne or on rather formal occasions.

He is almost always seen wearing an armor, most of it is colored violet, purple, black and grey. The breastplate is shaped like a human chest, with the fiend's eye engraved on the middle. The tasset resembles five batwings, clasped together. The armor also has vambraces, gauntlets, poleyns, greaves, and sabatons. He carries his sword on his left hip. He wears a heel-length black cape, shaped like a bat's wing, with a total of seven violet and purple phalanges, three surrounding his arms and one last one running down his spine. The cape is connected to a gorget and pauldrons with circular purple gems on the shoulders. This is a heavy piece of the armor, so during a fight, he generally removes it. His arms are generally covered by this cape unless he moves it aside.


Cristian is generally characterized as stern, intelligent, ruthless and decisive player. He typically keeps a stoic facade with his brow furrowed. When discussing something with a group of people, he prefers to stay silent but always listen to everything being said and speaks only when he sees there is something of worth to be said. Whenever he sees it fit, he can be quite outspoken and can easily impose himself. He can often be quite blunt when he makes a statement, often because he prefers the fastest solutions to any given problem. If he is angered, Cristian is known to become reckless and even violent, sometimes even destroying things at random to calm himself down.

He holds notable pride in who he is, his race and his achievements, and doesn't take slights kindly. He holds as a priority the safeguarding of all fiends who are his subjects and dedicates all his time in the game to the maintaining of their prestige, making sure they are respected, or at the very least, feared. To achieve this goal, he is capable of notable cruelty. He is a proven warrior and battle commander, with an imposing presence and an intimidating gaze. Though occasionally brutal, he prefers not to abuse or kill the weak (unless necessary), though it's unknown if this is out of pride or if he has some sort of moral code.

Being a Fiend, he values strength above all, and only holds true respect for those he deems powerful. He enjoys a fight a worthy opponent, but ever since he became the leader of his race, he hasn't been able to find an opponent who dared to go fight with his all against him.

All this said, he has a soft, and sometimes even caring, side to those close to him. He is close to most of his Imperial guards, and even though they are sworn to protect him, he believes that he owes the same respect to them and is willing to fight anyone for their sakes.


Cristian was born in Mexico City, Mexico.

He was among the first players who joined the game when it started, he chose the Fiend race and joined House Blackwyng. With time, rose in the ranks of the House and became the lord. He participated in the Great Player War as one of the main commanders of the Fiends, and gained prominence among his race due to his skill in combat and tactical ability.

When the Darkness Emperor died, a fighting tournament was announced, to choose the next Emperor of Darkness. Cristian participated, defeating all his adversaries and arriving at the finals, where he fought the mercenary Zack Ketch. It was a long fight between the two, but Cristian emerged as the victor. Out of respect for his opponent, he named him the commander of this guard.


Zack Ketch

Rai Narukami

Candelaria Salamanca


Endless Utopia Online

Being the Emperor of Darkness, Cristian is an incredibly powerful Fiend with incredible reserves of Aera. When he unleashes his energy in the form of Aura, players who don't know him generally freeze with fear. When angered, he can emit an overwhelming amount of bloodlust, enough to cause an experienced player to back off.

He excels in the usage of Darkness, probably unmatched by any other player in the game. He holds skill with the prime elements as well.

As a member of House Blackwyng, Cristian has learned several of their techniques. He is able to send a powerful ultrasonic wave from his mouth to detect the presence of things or people close to him, and is, therefore, able to "see" perfectly in complete Darkness.

He is quite skilled with his personal weapon as well, the bastard blade named La Parca. Being a bastard sword, he is able to swiftly switch between one-handed and a two-handed grip. His skill with the sword evenly matches the one of the commander of his imperial guard, Zack Ketch. He is also capable of performing Weapon Release.

The full extent of his abilities is yet unknown.

Notable Achievements


  • Etymology:
    • Lucilfer is a pun on Lucifer, means "bringing light" or "bringer of light", derived from Latin lux "light" and ferre "to bring". Lucifer is another of the names of the Devil or Satan.
    • Cristian is the spanish form of Christian, which comes from the medieval Latin name Christianus meaning "a Christian".