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 *Note: not to be confused with member of the Reapers, and the first Reaper: Crow
Personal Info
Real Name Connor Sparrow
Kanji コンノル スパロウ
Romaji Konnoru Suparō
Birthday October 14th, 2008
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 1,71 mts
Weight 59kg
Player Profile
Display Name Crow
Kanji (Display) クロウ
Romaji (Display) Kurō
VR Played New ALfhiem Online
ALO Race Cait Sith
Occupation Quartermaster(Second-in-command)
Affiliation Black Flag
Status Alive
Voice Actor Shintaro Asanuma
Appears In Sword Art Online: New Aincrad

Crow is a player of New ALO and the quartermaster of Black Flag.


Crow is a Cait Sith. He has brown hair and matching eyes. On his forehead, he wears a red bandana. On his body, he wears a brown sleeveless vest over a sleeveless white shirt. He wears baggy grey pants with a black belt with golden buckle and brown boots. He carries his curved blade on his left hip, and one of his tomahawks on his right. The other one, he carries it on his back, and a belt across his chest holds the sheath.


Crow is cheerful and charismatic, and bold with words. He enjoys drink, fun and in his own words "but seeks to live life to the fullest measure". Despite his boisterous attitude, he has also shown fierce and confrontational. He also has his own sense of honor and shows great loyalty to those he has committed himself to.


Few is known about Crow. He was an american that moved to Japan when he was little, therefore he learned to speak japanese.







Being a pirate, Crow has shown remarkable skill at fighting. He is notably skilled at wielding his saber, Zephyros. He has shown above average skill at fighting, easily besting Legionnaires. He has shown skill at hand to hand combat as well during his fight with Lamorak, but was ultimately bested by the latter.

New ALfheim Online

  • Level: 98
  • HP: 19000
  • MP: 1000

Main Equipment


One Handed Curved Blade One Handed Axe Throwing Blade Wild Dance Hand to Hand combat
990 / 1000
900 / 1000
900 / 1000
900 / 1000
Battle Healing Parry Leather Equipment Sprint Detection
800 / 1000
910 / 1000
900 / 1000
860 / 1000


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