The Crucible is a decomissioned superweapon created by the Human Faction of End War Online

Technical Information
Function Worldwide tactical assertion and Colossus combat
Range Worldwide
Energy Solar/Nuclear
Historical Information
Construction January, 2045 (Real time)

January, 5415 (In-game)

Operator World
Destruction March, 2045 (Real time)

March, 5415 (In-game)


The Crucible was a massive space fortress in low Eden orbit designed to be able to deploy armed forces worldwide, and also to perform orbital strikes against ground targets. Meant to be the only superweapon necessary, The Crucible was large enough to assert worldwide dominance and military superiority over Eden, with the ability to deter any threat from either the Angels or Demons.

The Crucible met a violent end just a few months after its completion as a catasrophic failure occured during weapons testing, resulting in the total destruction of the entire station, killing everyone on board who were unable to make it to the safety of the escape pods. This event incurred the introduction of the Crucible Treaty, a worldwide contract that enstated that each major world power would construct and operate one superweapon each, and restricted all countries involved from creating or operating more than one (with the exception of Aurora and Solaris, which can both be operated by either Avalon-1 in Illin or Avalon-2 in Marath should the need arise).

To this day, the Crucible remains in low orbit around Eden, and is slowly falling towards the planet, expected to drop low enough to be disintegrated by the atmosphere within 5 to 10 years.

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