This weapon, Dark Soulblade, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

The Dark Soulblade is the counterpart of the Light Soulblade, and is one of the most powerful Soul Catalysts in existence. 
Dark Soulblade
Item Info
Name Dark Soulblade
Kanji ダークソウルブレード
Romaji Dākusouruburēdo
VRMMORPG End War Online
Location Unknown


The Dark Soulblade was created alongside the Light Soulblade. By who and for what purpose remains unknown.


The Dark Soulblade shares its exact appearance with the Light Soulblade, though colored black instead of white. The blade is actually two blades split at the center, coming up to two points and having two edges. The crossguard curves back before curving back forward, and the handle is wrapped in leather.


Supposedly, the Dark Soulblade is an extremely powerful Soul Catalyst that is used to channel the energies of the Dark Soul. This means that it can be used by Humans, Hybrids, or Nephilim, but not Angels or Demons. Judging by its name, however, it was most likely intended to be used by Humans alone.

The Dark Soulblade is one of the only weapons, alongside its twin, that has a resistance grade of zero, making it a perfect soul catalyst. It offers absolute zero resistance to Anima flowing through it, making its power potential literally infinite.

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