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WARNING! Contains Spoilers

"Power of the Dark"
Item Info
Name Darkness
Kanji ダークネス
Romaji Dākunesu
Epithet "Power of the Dark"
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
Item Type intangible
Status Adquired by:

Kill them all.
~ Darkness

Darkness is an unknown thing inside of the VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online and New ALfheim Online. Curently, it is just used by two players, Galant and Mordread.


It is unknown how it appeared in the game. What it is known, is that it is vinculated to the purity of the souls and hearts of the player, capable of detecting their feelings, emotings, thoughts, and other things realtive to the human soul.

Kirei Kyosho, Yamato, Antinomy and Hephaestus are aware of darkness, and therefore stay distanced from it, and their wish of revange towards everybody.


Darkness doesn't have phisical form. Insitead, is present in all the game at the same time. It is adquired by player with a strong desire for vegeance. Any player with that wish can be compatible to become a darkness-user. 

This develops when he or she rage when gets angry, upset or enreaged, the player eyes turn into crimson red. Furthermore, it levels up all stamina, strenght, speed, and any otehr capablities. The cost of this, the player looses his capability of thingking, and is pretty much controled by darkness temporarly. It also causes him to loose the pain innivator, besides of the fact of that player bleeds, but, it can be re-healed by a crystal or regeneration( which lastes longer). 

It should remarked that Darkness is extremly linked to feelings of the user. 

A player that has fully accepted this, is "fused" with darkness, as it becomes one with him, making his eyes all the time red, and this leaves no posibile of return to the former color.



Galant darkness was develot after the death of his friends and his wife, and the disire of killing those responsable. Galant's eyes turn crimson red when he is enraged, entering a berseker form, known as "Wrath Galant", in which, he recives an upgrade in his overal ability. Still, this ment leaving his sences behind. Galant was bit by bit consumed by it, he recived a dagger Carnwennan, which turns darker the more consumed by darkness he is.

By New ALO, Galant has learned to control it, entering his "Wrath mode" it by personal will, just blinking his eyes. Galant recongnices it is a dangerous thing, but that he needs it, much like he needs to have his revenge. 


Mordread was consumed by Darkness after Galant "betrayed" him. But, in strack contrast to him, he accepted it. This caused an enourmus change of his former personality.

Due to Mordread's acceptance to his vengaence, he does not have a "wrath mode", in which darkness temporarly takes over. Instead,  he's eyes are constantly red and the powers given by it are also always active. Mordread has finally become one with it, and can uses it as it's own will. All the abilities gained by Mordread are currently unknown.


  • Ishi was almost also stained by Darkness.
  • Not to be confused with the dark magic used by imps in ALfheim Online. 

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