Death and Honor are Ivan Chernovsky's mainstay weapons that he takes into most every battle.


Death and Honor are a pair of thoroughly customized rifles

Death is a modified Mosin Nagant

  • Barrel Reduced down to 10 inches
  • Stocks-Removed
  • Actions have been modified to Semi-Automatic
  • Rifling has been increased to accommodate for the decreased amount of barrel length
  • Muzzle Enhancer has been installed to enhance recoil dampening
  • Sensory Overlay System
  • Magnetic Grips

Honor is a Heavily customized M-16

  • Stock - Removed
  • Barrel Reduced to 8 inches
  • Chambered in 7mm Flechette
  • Rate of fire increased
  • Magazine has been replaced with a dual drum style 100 round drum
  • Magenetic grips
  • Sensory Overlay System

To utilize these "pistols" Ivan has linked them to his HUD and had them magnetically attached to the palms of his hands.

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