Dark Twin Swords


Deathcalibur - Dimachaerus

Weapon Info
Kanji デスカリバー
Romaji Desukariba
Weapon Type One-Handed Straight Sword
Quest Unknown Quest
Unique Skill Dimachaerus

~ Mordread

Deathcalibur or Deathcalibur Twin Swords is a legendary unique sword/s owned and used by Mordread as his principal weapon in New ALfheim Online. It's countrepart is Maximus Caliburn.


This sword possesses the unique hability «Dimachaerus»(ディマチャエルス,Dimachaerusu), which allows the sword to split in two, therefore, the user can fight as a "Dual Blades" player. 




Long Sword / One Hand

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Slash
  • Attack: 750-780
  • Durability: 1300
  • Weight: 170

Estimated Dimensions:

  • Handle Length: 15cm
  • Cross-guard Length:
  • Blade Length:


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