This Unique Skill, Deathstrike, is property of Whizad.

Sword Skill Info
Kanji デスストライク
Romaji Desusutoraiku
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
Weapon Skill One Handed Dagger
Color Black
User(s) Jaidira


This skill is unlocked by leveling the skill Twin Blades.


Sword Art Online

The skill is activated by readying one dagger behind the player and the other, in backhand position, in front of the player, when the intended target is less than 15 meters in front of the player.

The skill then resolves, the player takes a run if needed, and jumps toward their target, aiming their landing point at a point .5 meters in front of the target. Spinning around twice in the air, the player hits the target once with each blade while spinning, then lands in front of the target, facing the target. During the last rotation, the backhanded blade is righted. After landing, the player makes an upward slash through the target's torso with both blades simultaneously, starting outside and coming towards the middle. The blades bounce off each other at the center of the torso, and move away as they come up. The effect is a large X-shaped mark, with one blade having made a >-shaped mark and the other a <-shaped mark.

The skill counts for a 6-hit combo, dealing 100% physical damage.

A visual aid is sometimes required for the representation of the result of this skill. See below:

> + < = >< = X


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