The Demons are a race in End War Online.


The Demons were created by The Four Lords to inhabit Eden alongside Angels to preserve balance in the universe. The Demons and Angels lived in peace for a time, until the two sides began to oppose each other, and attempted to wipe each other out. Knowing that the powers of both Demons and Angels would surely destroy Eden along with themselves, the Four Lords consulted The Creator and The Destroyer, who created Heaven for Angels and Hell for Demons, respectively. The Demons served The Destroyer as its subjects while Eden was instead inhabited by Human to preserve balance. The main goal of Demons in The End War is to wipe out both Humans and Angels and to establish a new age of Demons on Eden.


Demons have a natural affinity for Soulcraft, though less so than their Angel bretheren. However, the powers of Dark are far more destructive than that of Light, and therefore is capable of causing much more widescale damage than Angels. As the opposite equal of Angels, they are very effective against Angels, but are also at an equal disadvantage, they themselves being vulnerable to the power of Light.

Known Demons


Archdemon Samael

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