Weapon Info
Kanji ディプヒオ
Romaji Dipuhio
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
Weapon Type Twin One Handed Daggers

Dipugio are daggers owned and used by Kana as her principal weapons in Sword Art Online. She generaly uses them with backhand grip.


They are twin daggers that are exatly the same one from another. The crossguard and the back of the handle were golden. The blade is silver, but the part near the crosguard is dark green. the handle is black.



Short Dagger / Two Hands

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Slash/Stab
  • Attack:640-650
  • Durability:870
  • Weight:100

Estimated Dimensions

  • Handle Length: 12 cm
  • Cross-guard Length: 3 cm
  • Blade Length:20 cm

Known Users


  • the name of the weapon comes from:
    • Di-, two in latin.
    • Pugio, the name of the roman soldier knife.

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