Animal Info
Kanji ダイアーウルブズ
Romaji Daiāurubuzu
Type Mammal
Diet Carnivore
Element Earth or Ice
Habitat Forests and mountains
Range Close to the north/south poles

Direwolves are a species of animals found in Endless Utopia Online.


Direwolves are very similar to real life wolves, only larger. A fully-grown direwolf has the size of a small pony. Another differences with their smaller cousins are their longer legs, large muzzles, with longer and sharper teeth.

The color of their fur can differ, from black, to different shades of brown, to gray and grey to white. Some direwolves may have more than one color while others have the same.


They are intelligent and social animals that generally travel in packs of 4 to 7 members. When they are pressed to corner,  they can be quite aggressive. A tamed direwolf is extremely loyal to his tamer, and will attack anyone who threatens them. 

Known Direwolves

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