Endless Utopia Online
VRMMO Information
Kanji エンドリス・ユートーピア・オンライン
Romaji Endorisu yūtōpia onrain
Developer Ymir
Release Date ???
Genre RPG
Usable Hardware BridgeGear

Endless Utopia Online, (EUO for short) is a VRMMO developed by the company Ymir. It was released worldwide.


The game was developed and released globally sometime between 2040 and 2050. The game uses the BridgeGear headset from Ymir which is considered one of the best headsets currently. It uses a new FullDive that provides the maximum level of realism in the game by tapping into a player's subconscious and transporting the player into new incredible levels of realism.

Virtual Reality Experience

As EUO is based on the core programming of ALO as a complete VRMMORPG, the system is capable of rendering the entire environment with incredible realism surpassing its predecessors. By stimulating nerves in the brain, it is possible to taste food, feel the wind and weather, move one's body, and live in the game as if it were an alternate reality. Still, it has several differences from its predecessors.

First, the system creates a virtual body with bones, organs, blood, etc. Therefore, players receive further damage if those organs are damaged. Second, pain is actually felt in any situation, as there is no Pain Absorption. Third, there is blood. Each time a player suffers damage, it's normal to bleed as result. Therefore, the combat generally is won by the one capable of enduring more of the pain caused.

While playing, gamers still feel fatigue and hunger (even if their real bodies are not hungry), yet they can also eat in-game to dispel hunger in the real world, which has developed into a form of dieting for some people as a result.

Death or deletion in the game is visualized by fragmentation into thousands of polygon shards sometime after the death of the player (the time between the death and the fragmentation generally varies). All monsters and items go through such a process.

Global Setting

Full article: Agea

The only world in EUO, Agea, is divided into six different territories. It's as big as the Earth, and also possesses the same climates, biomes, weather, fauna (plus mythological beings), plant life, etc...

The coin used in all of Agea is named Denarius (plural: Denarii).


Time and Weathers

Same as in real-life Earth, Agea has time depends on the area the player is.

The days and months are the same as in real world, including leap years. This is because the planet is at the same distance from the Sun than the Earth is from its own Sun. The only real difference is the number of the year. Agea also has the same seasons as the Earth in real life, but the winters and summers are way longer.

Lore and History

Full articles: Endless Utopia Online/Lore and Endless Utopia Online/Timeline

The lore of the game is one of the main parts of EUO. The previous history of the game is what determines the actions and relationship between the players of the same race and between different races as well.

The main premise of the game is for the player to become someone of notable importance within the virtual world.


Initiation and Character Creation

It has to be pointed out the fact that EUO has been programmed so that only people with 14 years and beyond can play EUO.

Upon opening signing into the game, the player just needs to input their Avatar name (which is the same as in real life). It should be pointed out that all the players' avatar have athrophomorphic bodies, but their characteristics change according to their race. The player apparently will have their game avatar set up according to the player's real-life appearance. Players can reconstruct their characters to their liking. The sex of the player's avatar will be the same as the player in real life by default, and the player cannot change it no matter what. Customization of the visual aspects of the character is allowed later on. After the race is selected, they will be spawned in the race's realm capital.

The skills are developed by the player's own abilities and by training.


Seven Playable Races

There are seven playable races that a player can choose once he joins the game (it should be noted that Hybrids are not chosen by the player, but rather, randomly generated by the system). All the races them have human-like (anthropomorphic) bodies. Their difference is mainly in their abilities as players, and sometimes in their physical characteristics. Each race has their own respective customs and traditions. They also possess their own heraldry: a sigil and their own motto or words, which refer to their own characteristics. These words are usually used as battle-cries or take the form of boasts or threats, such as the Draco's words "Hear our Roar. Feel our Fire".

Each race has a different form of government. The choosing of the leader is different in each race. All players with "Leader" status has certain powers that other players do not possess. For instance, they can banish a player from their territory, marking him as a "rogue player" or "criminal player". They also administer the funds taken by taxes and the relationships with other races, among many other things. Another very important aspect is that if the leader dies, he loses his right to become the leader ever again. The player also loses some of his power (which they can recover after training).

Generally, players work and play for their own race. However, any player can work for any faction, though this is rare to happen.

  • Dracos: Dracos are the raging beasts, with an affinity for the element of Fire. They are lead by the Dragon King.
  • Fairies: Fairies are the calm and serene spirits, with an affinity for Light. They are lead by the Celestial Triumvirate.
  • Fiends: Fiends are the strange and mysterious beings with a strong link to Darkness. They are led by the Emperor of Darkness.
  • Nymphs: Nymphs the changing and adaptable creatures from the sea, with an affinity to the element Water. There are different tribes which are led by a Tribal Chief, which all respond to the Grand Chief.
  • Humans: Humans are the unstable, yet unbreakable and brave beings with an affinity with the element Earth. They are governed by the Human Senate. The members of the Senate are chosen democratically. It is presided over by the Daitoa, a player who is chosen by the Senate and is generally considered the strongest human player.
  • Avians: Avians are the flying spirits, with a high affinity to the element Wind. They are led by the Council of the Four Winds, composed of five members elected democratically.
  • Hybrids: Though rare to happen, Hybrids are the result of the combination of two different races into one being. This makes Hybrids a force to be reckoned with. They can fight for either side. These hybrids are randomly and rarely generated from new players when they choose their race. Even when they are rare to happen, a Hybrid between races with an opposed elemental affinity is even stranger.

Other Races

Full Article: List of Non-Playable Races in EUO

There are other races in EUO that are unplayable for players. They are mostly monsters or Fauna.



There are no levels nor skills for players. Every player is free to create and train his own fighting style and techniques. The player can also use standard techniques already inside the game.

There are many factors that go into calculating damage. Factors include player level and skill, weapon power and where damage is received (as players don't have Health Points, their life is tied to their resistance to attacks). Weapon bonuses also affect damage output, as well as an enemy's resistance to certain weapons. There are no status effects in EUO, except those caused by Aera.

It should be noted that there is no magic in EUO, but rather techniques, skills or abilities.


To use any technique, it is necessary to use Aera (also called Energy), which is the life force of all beings inside the game. By drawing it out, an individual is able to manipulate it and use it outside the body, and so, be used for techniques. Living beings are capable of performing many superhuman feats with its help. Those entities or players who run out of Energy, die.

Aera is created when the Physical Energy of the player is combined with the Spiritual Energy of the player. These two energies becoming more powerful will, in turn, make the created Aera more powerful.

The amount of Aera an entity has is not indicative of its power, but rather, of the entity's experience and abilities. Meaning in a fight between two individuals, the quantity of Aera does not determine who the winner will be. What determines the winner, rather, is how one individual uses his/her energy in conjunction with his abilities, intelligence, and experience to defeat the other. In short, it's not how strong an entity is, it's rather what specifically an entity can do.

Aera is not limitless since all players have a max capacity of energy that they can form and use before it runs out and they need to rest to replenish it. With practice, the quantity can be extended.

To grasp Aera, one must first know and have a good control over the Five Basic Principles, which are learned in the following order:

  • Aera Shroud: maintains Aera close to the body, strengthening it for defense.
  • Aera Sense: the ability to sense Aera from other beings.
  • Aera Null: shuts the flow of Aera, useful to be undetected and to relieve fatigue.
  • Aera Release: enables the user to use a bigger amount of Aera than Shroud, especially to focus it into an attack.
  • Aera Apply: the specific manner in which Aera has to be manipulated to perform a specific technique.

These principles can be derived or combined into the Advanced Principles.

Once one has fully grasped these principles, one can learn techniques. Techniques are classified into two large groups, which at the same time are subclassified into different subgroups.

Elemental Bending

Full article: Elemental Bending

Elemental Bending deals with changing the physical properties of Aera into one or several elements. Elements are essentially the nineteen "natural capabilities" of the players. Each race has a natural affinity for a certain element. However, a player can train and learn how to manipulate one, two or even more elements. A player can also learn to transform an element into a more advanced one, or to combine two elements to create another. Lastly, a player can also learn to create a new Element that does not exist in real-life nature.

Energy Bending

Full article: Energy Bending

Energy Bending allows any sentient being to manipulate Aera in different ways, such as enhancing one's physical capabilities, summon weapons or other beings, manipulate substances, create illusions, among other capabilities. Inside this category are included any techniques that do not include Elemental Bending, since they simply usage Aera with no elemental infusion. There are a total of six forms of applying Aera by Energy Bending, and each player has an affinity for one category.


Combat has a constituted ranged and melee focus. There are millions of weapons to use in EUO. Among them: swords, lances, shields, daggers, knives, projectile weapons, bows and arrows, scythes, axes, warhammers, quarterstaffs, whips and many more. The choice and skill of a player with a weapon depends on his preference, ability, and adaptability. There are no weapons of exclusive use of a single race.

It should be pointed out that there are no firearms in EUO. However, Aera Channeller exist, which look like real-life guns.

Non-Playable Organisms


Monsters are opponents that players are able to defeat, earning points to reach their goal of becoming stronger. The physical appearance of these monsters varies, but they do not belong to any race, though they can look like one race or a hybrid of several. They are able to use some techniques. Defeating a monster brings up a "Congratulations" screen with a summary of results: EXP gained, money gained, etc...


All the races have a number of NPCs to help in the battle against any other race. Unlike players, these NPC do not look like humans (with exception of the Human NPCs). Instead, they look like the mythological being which names their race. They possess some degree of intelligence and they are autonomous and they are also able to use weapons and techniques used by players (they cannot use advanced level attacks). High-level players can command them. Their sizes vary from dwarf-sized to player-sized to gigantic ones.


Same as NPCs, all the races have a limited of AIs to help in the battle against any other race.

They share most characteristics with NPCs, however, anyone can spot more than a few differences. They do not have a fixed appearance, and it can range from humanoid to animalistic. They possess high intelligence, comparable to a player. They are also able to use techniques used by players and they can command their forces upon the field of battle. Their sizes also vary. Generally, AIs are experts controlling their own race element, and it is rare to find an AI that does not. However, it is not impossible to find AI who are expert in the usage of their race-opposed element or AIs who control multiple elements. AIs also have a single life in the game. Once they die, they do not respawn like players, NPCs or Monsters do.

Still, the most distinctive characteristic of any AI is that some of them are over thousands of years old, so they have encyclopedic knowledge about lots of aspects of EUO. They have over a millennia of knowledge about techniques, history, lore and lots of hidden secrets. However, they do not share this with any player, just someone who is worthy of knowing.

A big part of the fauna in EUO is made up of AIs. Players and some of this animalistic AIs are able to create a bond. These players are known as Beast Tamer, while these AI are referred to as Tamed Beast. The AI accompanies the player wherever he goes and assists them in battle.

Death System

Once a player dies in EUO, his body remains in the place it died for several minutes, until it finally disappears. The player is revived, in the last city, town, establishment or similar where he has been before death. If a player lost a limb, he gets revived without that limb, with a stump in its place. Mechanized prothesis exists in EUO, they are named Protomail, made of a special metal that cannot be used for Metal Control. The only exception being, for obvious reasons, the head.

If an Outlaw is killed by the right type of player (for instance, a Knight), he is revived in prison or a dungeon where he is expected to remain to fulfill his sentence.

Guilds, Organizations and Societies

Guilds are implemented heavily recommended in EUO. There are two types of guilds: the ones which work for certain faction and the mercenary guilds, which work for any faction. In Race Guilds, just players of that race or Hybrids of that race are allowed to join. On Mercenary Guilds, since their only loyalty is to coin, any player from any race is free to join.

In EUO, there are also millenary Societies that work almost the same as guilds. However, these organizations are not created by players, while Guilds are.

Each guild/society may also have special requirements to join and/or a special ritual of initiation.



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