This Series, Entity Burst Online: Resume, is property of PyroHunter16.

Entity Burst Online: Resume
Story Information
Author PyroHunter16
Cover Character/s Hunter Kasai
Satoshi Kuroto
Status In Progress
Prequel Sword Art Online: Specter's Origin
Sequel Hazard ReBurst: Revenge

Entity Burst Online: Resume is a fanfiction set in Entity Burst Online by Pyro. Its sequel, Hazard ReBurst: Revenge, will be released and produced following the conclusion of EBO: Resume.


Two years have passed since Hunter Kasai was freed from the virtual prison of SAO. He had become an employee for an upcoming game developer and was a part of the beta testing for their latest game, Entity Burst Online. The game was released to the public, and many were intrigued by its premise and unorthodox gameplay. Players who enjoyed PvP combat or monster hunting flocked to this game, and a steady player-base was built in the months following its release. But a ghost from Hunter's past has come back to haunt him. A former Laughing Coffin member has entered the game, with the intent to recreate what happened two years ago. Entity Burst Online has been sealed off from reality, and Hunter must defeat this new threat before thousands of lives are extinguished at the hands of this psychotic Game-Breaker.




Hatena Military Police




Music Theme

Jojo Sono Chino Sadame

Jojo Sono Chino Sadame

Real Game - Rayflower

Real Game - Rayflower

Wish in the Dark - 貴水 博之

Wish in the Dark - 貴水 博之

【ED風】persona5 星と僕らと【HQ】 (Hoshi to Bokura to)

【ED風】persona5 星と僕らと【HQ】 (Hoshi to Bokura to)


  • Chapter 4's release was delayed a month due to the author's academic career taking up the majority of his attention. As such, May 2017 has no chapter, and Chapter 4 was release June 2017 instead.
  • Chapter 4 was also released at 4 AM on its release date because the author has become an insomniac over his summer vacation. Chapter 5 was also released early in the morning due to a minor bout of insomnia on the author's part.
  • Chapter 8 doubles as the author's Halloween special for 2017 as well as a canon chapter in the overall story.
  • Chapter 10 acts similarly to Chapter 8, a canon chapter in the story that also doubles as the holiday special. In addition, this chapter is double the usual chapter length, consisting of 20 pages rather than the usual 10 as a bonus/present.
  • Chapter 11 is, by far, the fastest the author has ever released a chapter. The time span between the release of Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 is 12 days, whereas most chapters are around a month in between releases.
  • As suggested by FedeTkd, EBO: Resume's second arc featuring Hazard ReBurst will be given its own story, set to be the sequel.

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