Item Info
Name Excelsis
Kanji エックセールシス
Romaji Ekkusērushisu
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Sword
Status Acquired

«Excelsis» is a One-Handed Sword used and owned by Kai. It was crafted by Lisbeth, from a Blessed Cornerium Ingot.

Excelsis appears in the story Truth and Ideals.


Excelsis is a sword with a distinctive blue and silver color scheme. It has a straight, silver blade with an angular tip. It has a likewise angular guard, colored silver, shaped like a three-pointed star. A smaller, blue, chevron-like design lies under the three-point star. Its hilt is a metallic blue, and ended with a silvery pommel.


Truth and Ideals

Kirito brought Kai to Lisbeth's Smith Shop, who requested for a new sword. Realizing that any weapon outside of a boss drop was not strong enough to progress as a Clearer, Kai accepted Lisbeth's invitation to start the Raid on the Cornerstone quest to obtain Cornerium Ingots.

Upon the defeat of Monument the Lord's Obelisk, Kai and Lisbeth return to Lindarth to forge the sword. The ingot required 277 hits before it formed the Excelsis. Thinking that the sword had exceeded the stats of Dark Repulser (as well as its unique name), and thus caused Lisbeth to revoke her original feelings for Kirito and attempted to confess to Kai, but was interrupted by Lind, who attacked Kai.

After Lind retreated, Selphie questioned why Kai didn't use Excelsis to defend himself against Lind. Kai said that he had left the path of murder and swore on that next blade that he would not injure another player with it, lest he go mad. The next day, Kai uses it to clear the first three floors of the Labyrinth, with Kirito.



Long Sword / One Hand

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Slash
  • Attack: 699-707
  • Durability: 1300
  • Weight: 170
  • Requires: 61
  • Equip: +50
  • Agility: +30
  • Strength: +40

Estimated Dimensions

  • 94 cm (37 in)
    • Grip: 20.3cm (8 in)
    • Guard: 5.1cm (2 in)
    • Blade: 68.6cm (27 in)

Known Users


  • "Excelsis" is Latin for "the highest" (org. "excélsis").

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