This character, Flint, is property of Nakuro.

I should have known a dog like you needs a leash, and a tight one too.
~ Commander Flint

Flint is a player of Sword Art Online as a commanding officer within the guild Knights of the Blood Oath, and plays one of the antagonists in "Sword Art Online: Leviathan".

Personal Info
Name Flint
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 111 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Player Profile
Display Name Flint
Romanji Flint
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Commander
Partner None
Status Alive
Unique Skill
Unique Weapon


Commander Flint is often found wearing her scarlet armour. Thick, reinforced boots and gauntlets with a white crest covering the largest plating. Her white coat is pinned between her shoulderguards and her breastplate. Extra plated skirts cover the flanks of her thighs, which are already protected by her legguards. Her shield is mostly unequiped, but if she decided to use it, she straps it on her back. It is a giant tower shield, with matching scarlet colouring and white crest. Her sword remains sheathed beneath her metal-braced belt, and only the delicately decorated hilt is seen.

Her hair is tied back into a ponytail, which trails all the way to her waist, while two slender lines of hair run past her cheek. She doesn't smile much, she mostly frowns and looks stern. A spitting image for a dreaded commander.


Flint used to run her own guild, which with time decreased in number. It wasn't until after a while that she applied for a spot within the Knights of the Blood Oath, which was rising in power at the time. She was gladly accepted and she quickly managed to work her way through the ranks, achieving the title of Commander and was deemed worthy of commanding several parties. 

She was notable for saving Nakuro's live on an earlier floor, which she capitalized upon by making Nakuro swear to repay his debt. This debt was however released once Nakuro managed to save her and her men in the floor boos of Floor 64.


Nakuro - She shares a general hatred for Nakuro, not only as a solo player but as a person aswell. She's revolted by his very presence, and did well to let him know of her disgust. During his time indebted to her, she used him as a dog on a leash, barking out commands at him. She was angered to see him free himself from his debt, but she is also relieved to see him removed from her sight.



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