This weapon, Freedom and Justice, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

Freedom and Justice are Yamato Haseo's primary firearms in End War Online

Freedom and Justice
Item Info
Kanji 自由と正義
Romaji Jiyū to seigi
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Firearm
Sub-type Semi-automatic handgun


Freedom and Justice are both heavily customized Colt M1911 .45 ACP handguns, modified by Yamato for increased performance in all areas.

Modifications include:

  • Short-pull triggers for a higher rate of fire.
  • Both pistols utilize modified combat sights.
  • Both pistols feature upwards muzzle compensators to reduce recoil and counteract muzzle flip, which in effect extends the barrel length.
  • Reinforced slides.
  • Underside rails used to hold the muzzle compensators in place.
  • Underside rails are reinforced to resist high frequency blades.
  • Double stack magazines with slam pads.
  • Both handguns use a hooked two-handed trigger guard.
  • Ergonomic handgrips.
  • Recoil compensators within the slides to further mitigate recoil.
  • Modified slide releases placed further back on the slide to allow the slides to be released with one hand.
  • Justice's ejection port is located on the left side, as it is meant to be used in the left hand.
  • Freedom is plated chrome with her name inscribed in black on the slide, while Justice is black with his name in chrome on the slide.

Both handguns are able to use specially designed rounds which hold effectiveness against all kinds of soft targets, and are also capable of firing special rounds for use against Angels or Demons.

Yamato is equipped with speed reloaders to both his sides to allow for extremely quick automatic reloading of both weapons.


  • Freedom and Justice are heavily influenced by Ebony and Ivory, twin handguns used by Dante in the Devil May Cry series.
  • Yamato personifies Freedom as female and Justice as male, also saying the two are siblings.