This Unique Skill, Friction Charge, is property of PercyJacks.

Charge Blade
Sword Skill Info
Name Friction Charge
Kanji フリクションチャージ
Romanji Furikushonchaaji
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Sword
Colour Flame Blue, Flame Orange
User Phage

~ Phage using Friction Charge

Friction Charge is the name of the Unique Skill given to Phage for continously dragging her sword on the ground. 


Friction Charge gives Phage the ability to charge her sword (or herself) with friction energy when she drags it along the ground. The longer and faster she drags it, the more charged it (or she) gets and the more damage it does on her next strike. It also gives her more speed the longer she uses it. 


  • Phage


  • When she uses it for longer than 5 seconds, her body seems like blue electricity is coming out of it.
  • Phage once accidentally shocked Nedelin after using Friction Charge continuously for a minute.
  • Strangely, there is a skill in the game Elsword called Drastic Charge which is nearly the same except it is fire and not lightning.

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