Gaze of Arrogance
Item Info
Name Gaze of Arrogance
Kanji 傲慢の視線
Romaji Gōman no shisen
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Location In a field in the mountains
Quest None
Dropped By Frost-Rider Mage (Event Enemy)
Item Type Magic Weapon
Sub-type Staff
Status Acquired

The Gaze of Arrogance, or Gōman no shisen, is a legendary level rare drop from the enemy, «Frost-Rider Mage».  It is, like event and special player-made weapons, unique in its ability to "level up" along with its owner.   


The Gaze of Arrogance is a magic weapon, making identifying the material used to make it nearly impossible.  The rod is a blue wood-like substance that never get's cold or hot and is surprisingly resilient for a casting weapon.  At both ends of the staff are light blue crystals that glow when magic is used or when in dark caves.  When heavy magic spells are used, water energy will spiral around the rod of the staff.


Super rare, the staff is only dropped by the enemies, «Frost-Riding Mages», which are located high in the mountains.  Due to the difficulty and amount of time required to obtain this weapon, it is almost never mentioned or used.  So far, Mattias the Undine is the only one known to have successfully obtained the weapon, after farming the area for three days. 


Alfheim Online

The Gaze of Arrogance is a monster drop from the enemy, «Frost Riding Mage».



Staff / Magic Weapon

  • Range: Long
  • Type: Magic
  • Attack: 500-510
  • Durability: 1000
  • Weight: 90
  • Requires: 40
  • Magic Attack +50
  • Physical Attack +20
  • Evasion +48
  • Armor

Estimated Dimensions

  • Handle Length: 14cm
  • Staff Length: 166cm

Known Users

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