This Weapon, Glorendal, is property of Nakuro.

 Glorendal is the primary weapon wielded by Kiyoshi in "Sword Art Online: Leviathan".


Glorendal is broader then the father blade, Tallwyndir, and glows with a fiery, scarlet red. The crossguard is straight, a little shorter but also thicker. It is also dual-edged, but instead of the curves that Tallwyndir posseses, the blade narrows down ever so slightly. The centre of the blade bears fissures like thorns, which cause the opponent to be ripped open as the blade cuts the flesh.


Glorendal was copied from Tallwyndir, and the two blades share the same background story. During the purging of the swords from the database, Glorendal was narrowly saved, but in the process the data became extremely corrupt. The wielder of the blade is immensely strained by the effects, being exposed to its vile-coded data, and the blade contains supernatural strength while imposing its will. Fighting it, would the wielder chose to, is nigh impossible and could result in extreme torture by both physical and mental pain, or death.

Kiyoshi stumbled upon the existance of the blade after being contacted by [REDACTED], and was the second to aquire such a blade.

Glorendal dropped from a specific mob in the deep regions of the 37th floor, where the mob hid and could only be fought after completing an intense questline. The blade did not share the same name as the mob though.


See: Tallwyndir

Side-effects are similar to Tallwyndir. Like the fatherblade, Glorendal inflicts the "Will of Glorendal, or the "Will of the Blade", upon Kiyoshi, who wields it with almost perverse pleasure while killing innocent players.

Sadly, due to corrupt coding, the program inside Glorendal was erased from the game's database. Instead, a portion of [REDACTED] remains inside the blade, whispering and haunting Kiyoshi with whispers of his dead lovers' voice, Yoko.


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Coming soon!

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