Supreme Spear
Weapon Info
Kanji グングニル
Romaji Gunguniru
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
Weapon Type Two Handed Spear
Obtained/Made By Supreme Weapon
Unique Skill Swaying One

This spear is last thing you'll feel! RECEIVE GUNGNIR'S JUDGMENT!
~ Hao

Gungnir is a spear owned and used by Hao after he obtained his unique skill Supreme Weapon. It was also the strongest weapon obtained by the unique skill.


It is a long double headed spear, with a golden shining blades at both extremes. it posses a purple gem at both blades, and a form that somehow resembles a trident. The handle is pitch black.

It posseses the unique skill "Swaying One"(スワイング オネ, Suwaingu one) what allows the weapon to never miss a shot once it is thrown.


It was obtained by Hao after being exposed to Skeith, and obtaining his unique skill. It is rare to him to use it, he rather just throw it to the opponent by his unique skill. Still it is very strange for him to use this, generally as a last resort and if he is long distance from the opponent.



Long Doble Headed Spear / One Hand/Two Hands

  • Range: Short/Long
  • Type: Slash/stab/hit
  • Attack: 700-710
  • Durability: 1350
  • Weight: 170

Estimated Dimensions

  • Handle Length: 200 cm
  • Blades Length: 25 cm

Known Users


  • Gungnir was the name of Odin's spear. It's name means "swaying one".
    • According to the legend, The spear is described as being so well balanced that it could strike any target, no matter the skill or strength of the wielder.

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