Boss Info
Kanji ハゲン
Romaji Hagen
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Status Defeated

Hagen is a sub-boss, and one of Cerdic's right hand man. It is one of the secondary antagonists in Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes.


Hagen has long blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He also has a silver sor of crown. Hagen's body is covered with a silver and red armor. The only few places that aren't covered are his inner thight and his forearms, which aheve a violet cover. His left arm is covered with a red mantle. He carries the sheath of his sword on his waist and a knife on the boot of his left leg


Hagen is one of the most loyal warriors in Cerdic's army and by far the in best hand to hand combat. He has a archrival relationship with Bors, tring to dicide who of them is the best fighter. 


  • HP:
  • Main Equimpent:
    • Sword
    • Knife
One-handed Straight Sword One-handed Knife Hand-to-hand combat Parry Light Metal Equipment
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
Heavy Metal Equipment
? / 1000


  • Numerous counts of Players.

Known Challengers

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