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Supreme King
King of Blades




Personal Info
Real Name Hiro Kiryuuin
Kanji 鬼龍院 広
Romaji Kiryūin Hiro
Birthday March 24th, 2005
Age 17(SAO)
Gender Male
Height 1,82mts
Weight 68kg
Family Markus (Brother)
Mordread (Cousin)
Player Profile
Display Name Hao
Kanji (Display) ハオ
Romaji (Display) Haō
Epithet "King of Blades"
"Supreme King"
VR Played Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
ALO Race None
Occupation Second-in-command (former)
Affiliation Guardians of Darkness(SAO)
The Supreme Legion(New ALO)
Status Alive
Voice Actor Tomokazu Seki/KENN
Appears In Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades
Sword Art Online: New Aincrad
Sword Art Online: Blade Master

I'm here to save you all from the biggest lie in history: Freedom. It’s the truth of humanity which we never speak about: we crave for subjugation. The bright light of freedom diminishes our life’s enjoyment, in a mad scramble for power. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you always kneel before me.
~ Hao

Hao is a player of Sword Art Online. He is the final antagonist in Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades and one of the principal antagonists in Sword Art Online: New Aincrad. He was formerly the second in command and later the leader of Guardians of Darkness. After SAO was cleared, he became a New ALfheim Online player and became the leader of his own guild, The Supreme Legion.


Reality / Sword Art Online

He has jet black flame-like hair and golden eyes. He uses a long black overcoat with gold details and matching pants and boots, as well as a red undershirt and red fingerless gloves. His belt has the symbol of what would be his armor's crown, and later the symbol of his guild.

After obtaining Skeith his left eye effected on the user is the appearance of the left eye of the user, which always glows and leaves a visible color trail in the air over the eye while Skeith is in use. Hao's color was dark orange, matching his golden eyes. After this, and obtaining Supreme Weapon, he began to use his other sword, Medorach, slung  over his back, with the handle at the left side of his head.

In Sword Art Online: Blade Master, his appearance is slightly different. Hao's hair reaches his eyebrows and is straight and neat. He wears a white shirt over a black overcoat with yellow trimmings and sharp edges. He also spots black pants and boots of the same color with yellow trimmings. His belt is dark grey and the buckle is the insignia of The Supreme Legion.

ALfheim Online Avatar

The Supreme King's avatar does not differ from his SAO avatar, and therefore, it matches his real life appearance. He is a shadowed figure dressed in an armor named Incursio


Hao displays a keen, intelligent, power hungry attitude, capable of doing anything achieving the task of becoming the King of Aincrad by any cost. He is extremely arrogant and selfish and, to an extent, has a god complex, believing himself to be the sole potentate and only person worthy of the title of King of ALO, even superior to the Aesirs, the Gods of ALO. He has a polite, yet strong, way of speaking, often using elegant words. He occasionally mocks on people by calling them "mongrel", "wretch", "fool", "weakling" among many other insults. However, he rarely swears.

Besides his arrogance, he displaces a sense of honor, and respect for those who proves themselves worthy of it and/or those that are close to him. Also Hao actually admires the skills of some his enemies, therefore he does not underestimate what they are capable of.

Hao lacks a belief in freedom, stating that it is the reason why humans never find peace and that freedom is the biggest lie in human history. He states that, to find peace, they must banish freedom and chaos by any means possible (even immoral means), to replace it with control and lack of free will. He sees every cruel act he commits as "necessary evil" and displays cold and ruthless pragmatism at the time of dealing with problems, stating that sometimes the unpleasant thing is a necessary thing. He is a firm believer that the "the end justifies the means" and that "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". Therefore, he believes he is good and those who stand against him are evil. Hao displayed this ideology both during SAO and ALO. He first wanted to force all the remaining players to join a single guild so that he could assume the position of GM, and then lead the players in the clearing all the floors in Aincrad. On ALO, he wants to create an everlasting Kingdom and make sure no other tragedy, like SAO, happens within ALO. Hao has his own morals and a profound sense of justice and believes that nobody is above punishment (especially those who have made an offense directly to him).

Hao holds deep hatred for those players who kill for fun or sport, such as members of Laughing Coffin. He thinks that, if somebody is willing to kill somebody else, he first needs a proper reason to do so. Nevertheless, he can make an alliance with a notorious player killer, such as his cousin, Mordread, if he sees this a potential benefit.

He is also a keen strategist, he is very calculative and holds great intelligence, reasons why he first became the second in command in the Guardians of Darkness, and later, the leader of the most powerful guild in ALO. Hao is also a master obscuring all what he does, shrouding his moves in deception, making him very unpredictable. He is able to easily distance himself from conflict but at the same time being dangerously close to it. He can to quietly manipulate others into doing things for him. His intelligence alone makes him a dangerous enemy. He has great patience, and waits to the exact and perfect moment to make his moves. 

Naming himself the "King of Blades", he believes that every great weapon or treasure of the world belongs to him, a reason one of his goals is to obtain Excaliber, the strongest sword in the ALO-SAO universe.

Hao has a softer and caring side, which he only shows to people close to him. He holds great love for his younger brother, Markus, even though he does not generally show it and is very harsh on Markus' impulsive and spoiled nature. He wants him to earn respect by his own, rather than just get it from their sibling bond. He is also very tender with Freya, his personal attendant and secret lover. He also has remarkable friendship with his best general, Zar. Hao's greatest weakness, however, is his oblivious nature to the conflicts of those closest to him, which has resulted in several damages within the effort of the army.


Hao's parents died some time when he was young under unknown circumstances. They were then adopted by his abusive uncle, who mistreated, beat and made suffer both him and his smaller brother. This mistreatment suffered made Hao the person he is in the game.

Sometime later, Hao escaped alongside his younger brother. They came back once they found out his uncle had died. He acquired the game SAO, and was trapped alongside the other 10000 players. Among them, was also his cousin, Mordread. After several months, Hao became member of the Guardians of Darkness and quickly ascended to the position of second-in-command. Hao's ultimate goal in SAO was to force all players to join a single guild, take the GMs position, and lead all the players remaining out of the game (this was never properly explained in SAO: Clashing Blades).

Once SAO was cleared, Hao was trapped alongside other 300 players in ALO. He was eventually released from that game as well.

After New ALO came out, he joined the game and decide to finish what he started, forming his own guild "The Supreme Legion". The guild quickly raised, and with strategic leadership and organization, the legions conquered most of the floors arriving to the 50th floor of New Aincrad in August 2026. Hao is the current de facto King of Aincrad, seeking to win the Great Aincrad War, get to floor 100 and complete conquering the castle. Hao's ultimate goal in ALO is to create a kingdom strong enough so that no other tragedy like SAO ever happens again.



Hao loves his brother and he has been like a father for Markus, as he has also always taken care of him as such. Markus joined New ALO to prove that in the two years that Hao was imprisoned, he grown up to become a man. Hao, wishes his brother to prove his own worth, and is constantly scolding him about how to be a leader. Markus, however, does not like this, since he considers he talks to him like if he were a child (which, in fact, he is).

Their relationship becomes very strained when Markus' best friend, Taikeus, is executed during Decimatio, for failure during a battle against KoB.


Hao and Zar meet for the first time on ALO, after the latter joined the guild, and after time, they became close friends. He has deep trust on his abilities as a general and a tactician. He recognizes that Zar is wild, but he also sees he has a natural brilliance and extreme cunning, reason why he commanded him to take the vanguard in the clearing of Aincrad.


Hao views Kirito as someone worthy of respect. He even admires Kirito's intelect and his prowess as warrior which had made him gain reputation throghout SAO and ALO. But also recognizes that he is a great threat to his plans.


Freya is Hao's helper. They are secretly in love with each other.


Mordread is Hao's cousin. They have an often tense relationship, with Hao disliking Mordread's disrespectful nature. Mordread is one of Hao's principal right hand men, and they allied their guild to win the Great Aincrad War.


They never cossed paths in SAO, still Hao knew of Galant's deeds and achivements. He developed respect pretty much as he did with Yamato and Ishi. He had nothing to do with Mordread and Kamui killing the Royal Knights, nor did the knew.

Galant is one of The Supreme Legion's mercenaries and he only takes direct missions from Hao himself. They have a good relationship and respect one another. Hao has offered Galant joining leadership of his guild on repeated occasions, but Galant always refuses. However, after learning of Hao's alliance with Mordread, Galant resigned fighting for Hao and join the Knights of the Blood. Since then, they have been enemies.

Ishi /Ishi Haseo

Hao began his relation with Pendragon Court, and Ishi was his contact. Hao knows he isn't trusted, as he doesn't reveal how he obtained information. Still they need him, because he knows way more than others. It is unknown why he began relationships with them, while being an enemy, and it seems that not even Kamui knows. Hao himself has admiration towards Ishi's skills, and the fact that he is a blade master, still, he recognizes him as a trouble in his plans.

Ishi was tricked by Hao into killing Kamui before Hao stole Skeith from him and stabbed him in the chest, leaving him for dead. Once he was back, Hao and Ishi are declared enemies, as Ishi is the biggest problem on his plans.

In the end, Hao was defeated by him as was his army, but even still, Ishi didn't kill him, as he considered him "unworthy of an honorable death". Ishi was one of the two players who managed defeat Hao, the other being Kamui.


When Jack joined The Supreme Legion, he had a friendly relationship with Hao. This lasted until Hao's legions slaughtered his race.


Hao holds hatred toward Kamui for reasons that aren't completely revealed. It is widely believed that the reason is a clash of ideals: Kamui has a more chaotic ideology while Hao hates chaos and anarchy. They have different ideals and reasons for their actions. It's known that Hao is scheming behind Kamui's back, but to that end it is unclear. 

He was successful in tricking Ishi into killing Kamui, therefore assuming the leadership of The Guardians of Darkness for himself.

Yamato / Yamato Ovan

The same as with Ishi, Hao recongnizes Yamato's skills, and respects him. After all, they share Kamui as common enemy. He still recongizes he can be a trouble on his plans. Hao was one of the few players who stood near to kill Yamato.


Tyr is Hao's most trusted and loyal colonel, so much that he has risked his life several times for him. Hao recognizes his skills and respects him.


Hao is an unmatched swordsman. His sword abilities make him the second best warrior of the Guardian of Darkness, only bested by his leader Kamui.

After obtaining his unique skill, Supreme Weapon, Hao's level of power increases drastically, easily matches the strongest players of SAO. He can shoot weapons out of nothing, has (presumably) unlimited weapons inside his storage. By the time he joined New ALO, he can skillfully wield any type of weapon. He is skilled either with one or two: swords, spears, daggers, hammers, maces, axes, scythes, shields, halberds, etc... Even when he knows how to fight with numerous types of weapons, Hao prefers to dual wielding swords, achieving a level of power that is not matched easily. Still, Hao rarely fights in close quarters, preferring standing with his arms crossed while his weapons rain down upon his enemies. He only fights in close combat with players he deems worthy of facing or who have earned his respect or when he is left without any other choose.

Hao's sheer amount of power does not come from his number of weapons alone, but also from the Unique Skills that his weapons posses. For instance, he owns a trident that electrifies anything it clashes against, a spear that pierces through armor and another which deals unhealable wounds. Among his strongest weapons are:Gungnir, a spear which always hits it's target, and chains meant to hold his opponent. His most powerful weapon is Blutgang, a weapon capable of absorbing incredible amounts of magical energy and, once he swings it, a crushing torrent capable of pulverizing any opposition is launched towards his enemy. Hao holds incredible pride on this weapon, and won't use it against those he deems "unworthy".

Hao can also absorb weapons from defeated players, to add it to his "treasures". He regularly trains with his men. While doing this, he uses heavy swords, trying to improve even further his speed. He is also capable of facing several opponents at once, depending on their skill and power. Hao is able to move fast and agile with his armor, almost as if he was not wearing an armor at all.

While he held Skeith, as he Hao contained it within an amulet instead of within himself,  he cannot unlock its full power. Still, Hao prefers this, since he considers that losing his sanity is a huge cost. Even still, he is capable of using Skeith with some restrictions.

Tactical Ability

Hao is also a skilled, intelligent and highly cunning tactician who, unlike his officers and high-ranking soldiers, does not adhere to typical tactics and traditions, making a more flexible strategist. And he does not underestimate his opponents at all, neither he overestimates himself. His tactics are a mirror reflection of the strategies used by lords of war of actual history, thought he relies mostly on the Roman Republic/Empire.

He is such a strong tactician that he managed to orchestrate the entire war between Pendragon Court and The Guardians of Darkness without being caught, and successfully tricked Ishi into killing Kamui and taking leadership of The Guardians of Darkness while leaving both Ishi and Pendragon Court to be killed, stealing Skeith directly from Ishi and containing it within an amulet.

The combination of bold unpredictable strategy and his skill upon field on battle make Hao a fearsome opponent. One, no one would wish to face upon field of battle.

Sword Art Online

  • Level: 96
  • HP: N/A

Main Equipment


Supreme Weapon Parry Acrobatics Sprint Searching
Battle Healing Extended Weight Limit Listening

New ALfheim Online

  • Level: 100
  • HP: 20000
  • MP: None

Main Equipment


Supreme Weapon Parry Battle Healing Light Metal Equipment Heavy Metal Equipment
Extended Weight Limit Sprint Searching Detection Acrobatics


Supreme King Hao

All Hail The King

Notable Achievements


  • Obtaing Skieth, alongside his unique skill.
  • First player who did not lose his sanity because of Skeith.
  • Leader of the Guardians of Darkness.


  • Owner of the Sacred sword, Blutgang.
  • Leader of the strongest guild in ALO.

Music Theme

Supreme King Theme Song01:27

Supreme King Theme Song


  • Hao is based on Marcus Crassus, The Supreme King, Gilgamesh and Frank Underwood.
    • Both voice actors of Hao, are the the ones of The Supreme King (Kenn) and Gilgamesh (Tomokazu Seki).
  • Etymology:
    • Hao (覇王) in japanese means Overlord.
    • The kanjis of Kiryuuin (鬼龍院) translate to "Demon", "Dragon" and "Palace" respectively.
    • Hiro (広) means wide or broad.

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