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Silent Death

Hidden Blade

Pivot Blade

Sword Skill Info
Name Hiiden Blades
Kanji 隠し剣鬼の爪 (Kakushiken'oninotsume)
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Unique Skill/Dagger
Colour Brown (bracers)

Silver (blades)

User Bellator

My blade has brought itself down upon those who wish to make an enemy out of me!
~ Bellator

Hidden Blades are a Unique Skill in the game Sword Art Online. It was given to Bellator as he gained the reputation as the game's most versatile player; that is, he is th eplayer who can use the most diverse amount of weapons.


It grants Bellator two retractable blades, usually in conjunction with a protective bracer. As such, the blade could be discreetly extended or retracted, making it a valuable and stealthy piece of apparatus. The blades are made from the finest material the game has ever offered. This extends to the point where the blades' Durability is infinite, meaning that they cannot be broken.

The Sword Skills used with these weapons can be devestating at times. They are owed to the deadly combiation of precision, strength, and agility. The minimum number of strikes in this Skill's arsenal is six, and the maximum is a whopping 40! Each of these Sword Skills deal significant damage to even the strongest players. The Sword Skill, Doomsday Device, is known to completely deplete a player's HP, and strong enough to completely deplete at least one of the Boss' HP Bars.

Also, the Hidden Blade can be turned around 90 degrees and allowed to be wielded like a dagger, giving it yet another arsenal of Sword Skills. At this point, it is called the "Pivot Blade." It is good for dealing with multple enemies at close combat. It is not as strong as it is when it becomes a Hidden Blade, but it can still deal a heavy toll of damage. The Pivot Blade is also good for duel wielding with Winterthorn, Bellator's main sword.


  • The Skill itself is based on the weapon of the same name from the Assassin's Creed video game series.
  • The Pivot Blade is a weapon used in Assassin's Creed III by main protagonist Connor Kenway.

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