Holy Sword Curtana
Item Info
Name Holy Sword Curtana
Kanji 聖剣無先刀 (Seiken mu-saki-gatana)
Romaji Sfânt Sword Curtana
Epithet The Sapphire Saber
VRMMORPG New ALfheim Online
Location ?
Quest ?
Dropped By ?
Item Type Sword
Sub-type One Handed Long Sword
Status Acquired

Holy Sword Curtana is one of the seven Holy Swords found within New ALO and it is owned by Bellator. As one of the Holy Swords, it is the one of the most powerful, and in the hands on an experienced player, can be deadly. The energy it emits is blue lightining.


It has a dark brown hilt with a light blue pommel. The main blade is also light blue, being that it was forged entirely out of sapphire. The sword also gives off a blue hue of energy, which shows the blue lighitning that courses through it's blade


The sword became up for grabs when New ALfheim Online was first re-launched. It remained unclaimed for the first few months until Bellator claimed it for himself.


Holy Sword Curtana

Long Sword / One Hand

  • Range: Short/Mid-Range/Long (the latter two using the swords energy attacks)
  • Type: Slash, Mythical Energy
  • Attack: 2000
  • Durability: 3500
  • Weight: 180

Known Users


  • Curtana comes from the name of the blade wielded by Ogier the Dane

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