The Flaming Winds Wolf
Tamed Beast Info
Name Igneel
Gender Male
VR Played ALO
Race Dragon Wolf
Tamer Lycan
Status Alive

Igneel is the Tamed Beast of Lycan in ALO. Igneel is a rare beast that Jack had tamed right a while on ALFiem online, He and Lycan bonded without the use of magic, just like on SAO. Igneel was a level 20 monster, but when he bonded with Lycan, he grew in level, He is now a Level 40 beast.


Igneel has ridges on its back thicken, and it has additional, bone-like rings around the base of its tail. The rings on its tail have small spikes on top, causing them to resemble vertebrae. The ridge at the base Igneel neck is long and curves forward towards its shoulders. There is a large, toothed structure around its neck. This bone-like formation has two large spikes on either side and three pointed teeth on the bottom. Igneel's horns point straight up with a small, outward curve in the middle. The two bands on its forelegs are broken in the front. Its claws are a dark red due to its ability to generate more heat.[1]Finally, the tip of its tail is split down the middle. Due to his large size Lycan is able to ride on his back, with out the need of a saddle.


Igneel, like Zerex is a loyal and noble creature. He loves Lycan with all his heart, with other players he usually growls at and flicks them with his long tail. He is very loyal and would always defend against anyone who would attack or show disrespect. In Lycan's home he would sleep with Lycan's head on his back, while Zerex would sleep with his head on lycan chest. He only allows Lycan to ride him.


Igneel is a Fire and Air Manipulating Beast, and is capable of performing powerful magic attacks. He is able to sprint 30 metres away in only 20 minutes. With his Fire Power he is able to either burn or send out a high powered flame attack. His Air Power allows him to cause a large tornado affect and then a throwback affect

Fire Power

  • Solar Burst: Igneel, sends out a powerful flame attack
  • Dragon's Sythe: Igneel's claws are covered with a flaming lava substainse
  • Flaming Auruoa: Igneel, creates a large area affecting flame auruoa which he can bring down on enemies.

Air Power

  • Tempest Roar: Igneel, lets out a swirling tornado
  • Wind Spines: the outside bone armour and his body is covere in a swriling vortex that helps knockback players and defend against attack
  • Air Curse: A large force of air is fired at am opponent


  • Lvl: 40
  • Hp: 400
Tamed Beast Skills
Fire Magic Air Magic Hunting Sprinting Loyalty
950 / 1000
Agility Battle Healing Attack Power Defence Power Strength
950 / 1000
970 / 1000
920 / 1000