Imp Assassin's Blade
Item Info
Name Imp Assassin's Blade
Kanji インプアサシンブレイド
Romaji Inpuasashin bureido
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Location Imp Capital City
Quest None
Dropped By Imp Honor Guard (Players)
Item Type Sword
Sub-type One Handed Long Sword
Status Acquired

The Imp Assassin's Blade is the main weapon of Alrik's Honor Guard.  Combined with the Imp Assassin's Dagger, the Honor Guard is a formidable force.  


The katana is made of an Adamanite-Iron alloy that is unique to Alrik's Honor Guard's weapons and armor.  This alloy gives the blade its speed and light weight.  A chain is attached to end of the handle and this can be used to grab the blade quicker and gives the owner access to a skill called «Sword Chain Swing ».


The Imp Assassin's Blade is a player made item that was commissioned by Alrik to master blacksmith Leprechauns.  Providing the ore native to his capital city, Alrik ordered for a sword that would be unique and irreplacable in speed and lethality.  Although only given to his Honor Guard, Alrik once ordered for an Imp Assassin's Blade to be made for Vin, an Imp who defeated him in a fair duel.


Alfheim Online

The Imp Assassin's Blade is a sword regularly carried by the ALO Lord Alrik's Honor Guard.



Long Sword / One Hand

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Slash
  • Attack: 700-710
  • Durability: 1350
  • Weight: 190
  • Requires: 50
  • Equip +50
  • Attack Speed +40
  • Evasion +48
  • Armor

Estimated Dimensions

  • Handle Length: 14cm
  • Blade Length: 96cm

Known Users

  • Imp Honor Guard
  • Vin

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