Into the Belly of the Beast
Quest Info
Name Into the Belly of the Beast
VRMMORPG New ALfheim Online
Location Floor 57
Objective Make it through the labyrinth and defeat the Archangel
Boss Archangel
Reward Holy Sword Curtana
Status Completed

Into the Belly of the Beast is the name of an S-Rank Quest in New ALfheim Online. It was a limited quest that was released in June 2026 and was avaliable for one week. It is one of the hardest Quests in New Alfehim Online because of the item won when completed: Holy Sword Curtana.


To start this quest, a player must report to a lake in which the moon shines over at exactly 11:00 PM. There, any player who resides there will be asked if they want to accept the wuest or not. When accepted, a capsule will rise up from the lake and take the player to an underground labrinth of all types of landscapes

Location Floor

Floor 57 from June 10 to June 17. The location of the Quest was secret, and was rather hard to find.


  • Enter the capsule
  • Make your way to the Blood Gulch.
  • Defeat the Wasteland Warrior.
  • Proceed to the Valley of Forgotten Souls
  • Prevent the Death Minions from destroying the village.
  • Move forward to the Holy Chamber.
  • Defeat the Archangel.


Only one person could complete the Quest and win the Holy Sword Curtana by dealing the Last Attack to the Archangel. From the beginning, the Quest was hard enough to begin with. Only 35% of the many players who attempted this Quest made it past the Wasteland Warrior, and a mere 21% were able to make it to the Valley of Forgotten Souls. Only 2% made it to the Holy Chamber, while one player (Bellator) was able to defeat the Archangel.

Known Attempts

(Anyone can put the name of their characters here if you wish)


  • This was the fifth Quest to be given for one of the Holy Swords, and the third one in New Aincrad, but the first one to be completed.
  • This was said to be the hardest of all Quests for the Holy Swords.

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